Monday, November 17, 2014

Sedona: Day Two

Day two started beautifully. While we were definitely a bit tired since someone decided that he wanted to wake up Every. Hour. While we tried him in the front room to start, but by partway through the night, we brought him next to the bed. Guess little boy just wanted to be close to mom and dad!

That said, Ed was still excited to go out on a long solo run. 

It was a beautiful day on the trail for him, and Evan and I enjoyed a lazy morning back at home. 

We both got in a short nap, and Evan enjoyed some more floor play time. 

After he got home, we ate some leftover pizza (still fantastic) and then headed off to downtown Sedona so Ed could do some work (a professor's work is never done :) ). Evan and I got to walk the downtown and fit in a short nap at the same time. 

When work was finally done for the day, it was time for some more fun!

Now, one of the things on my Fall to do list was to see fall color. I'd even wanted to sign up for a race down south of Tucson that boasted colors, but the timing didn't work.  So, imagine my excitement when we arrived at the start of our hike and saw this. 

We had stunning views not only of the trees, but of the red rocks beyond. Best of both worlds. 

I was in Fall Color heaven.

Our first attempt at hiking the trail left us at a dead end. Luckily we were directed by some other hikers across the dry creek bed to the actual creek!

We couldn't get over the temperature - perfect for being outdoors.

Finally we reached the water - an impressive amount given the fact that we are in the desert.

After we got our fill of this beautiful area, we headed the other direction, where there was a much more established trail.

The trail edged along a solid rock wall, allowing us to soak in all that "positive energy"

The trail eventually left the wall and meandered through the the trees.

We finally reached a bit of a clearing, allowing us to take in some beautiful views.

Soon, it was time to turn around and head back.

Evan couldn't get over the views. Both of the nature and of his daddy :).

Perfect end to our afternoon.

We took a quick trip back home to get cleaned up and then hurried out to dinner. We wanted to try Elote Cafe - a super popular dinner destination. Unfortunately (or, maybe fortunately), even though we got there right when it opened, there was already an hour wait. So, we ended up at a very decent, though not fancy, mexican place up the street. It ended up being perfect for our family. Ends up, when you're going out with a little baby that's only napped 45 minutes the whole day, comfort definitely trumps fanciness.

Ed even was a good sport and let me tell them it was his birthday so that we could get this yummy dessert :). 

Evan thought the restaurant was perfect, too. 

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sedona: Day One

Every year on Ed's birthday, we do some kind of trip, since it always coincides with at least one day off. This year, Ed actually got a real day off, since his classes are on Tuesdays, and since I wasn't working, we made it a during-the-week trip to avoid some crowds. We went to our favorite Arizona place, Sedona.

We loved where we stayed! One feature we were excited about was the grass behind our patio. We laid out some towels to let Evan play, though it was a bit of a struggle to keep all those delicious looking leaves out of his mouth. 

It was such a beautiful fall afternoon and was so peaceful and relaxing to just be sitting outside.

He enjoyed having his toys from home,

and dressing in cooler weather clothes.

Trees are his favorite, and he loved looking up at the leaves.

And, of course, at his parents.

We've been practicing sitting up, and are getting better!

So many toys.

I was so wanting to see fall color this year, and Sedona didn't disappoint.

Evan enjoyed getting some use out of his new sweatshirt from his Oma. 

We were luckily able to get Evan down for a nap (napping on trips isn't a strong suit of his), so Ed got to his the trails while I got to lounge in bed and read, while soaking in this view. 

He took a great nap, which was wonderful, but ended up making us a bit late for seeing our sunset from the Airport Vertex. Still, we hurried up there, and caught the last bit of sunlight as it headed away. 

As darkness took over, we hurried back to the car, picked up some fantastic pizza (brie, chicken, dates, and other goodness), put Evan to bed in the bathroom - good tip from our parents, and enjoyed our pizza and champagne together :).

A lovely first day.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

In Limbo

Today, Evan had his final evaluation for his helmet therapy. He's officially outgrown it after 9 weeks, so he got a second set of pictures taken to evaluate the changes. And, here they are (side note - cute stockinged baby again!) Top is before, bottom is after:

From the front, you can see that his head is a lot more symmetrical across the top! His face also has more symmetry. 

You can see it's also a little more rounded in the back.

And,  you can see it's much less of a severe of a slant in the back - our biggest concern, but that there still is that flatter spot on the left. 

So, in sum, Evan's made some great progress, but he isn't "there" yet. His plagiocephaly is still on the higher side of moderate (down from severe) which, to be honest, is pretty disappointing. We knew going in that because much of his problems were caused in utero, they would be harder to correct, but I can't deny that I had visions of getting a "mild" score on his evaluation. He did improve in the overall shape of his head (he had some mild brachycephaly also, which caused some wideness above the ears and a head that was more circular, instead of longer than it was wide), and does look so much better. 

Still, it looks like we're headed towards another helmet. We need to wait to hear back from insurance, which can take up to 3 weeks, and then it will be at least a week after that to get the new helmet, so he probably won't have it until he's close to 8 months old. Since growth slows down, he'll have to wear it for 3-4 months, taking him right up to his first birthday. 

It's hard to be "starting over" and I've been going through a lot of the emotions I had the first time around, which seems silly, since I'd been feeling so good about our helmet process up to now. I don't worry about public opinion any more, but more that I'm missing out on almost his whole infancy, it feels like, with a little boy who I can cuddle without worrying about a broken nose from getting bonked by a hard hat :). I'm also stressed that it will take about a month to get a new helmet, since the later it takes to get a helmet, the longer it needs to be worn and the less effective it is. 

But, I'm trying to look on the bright side. I'll have almost a whole month to snuggle and cuddle with my sweet baby and rub that soft, blond hair of his. A month of kissing his head all over, instead of just the top, and rubbing my face in his sweet little neck. He is perfect, helmet or not, and I'm still so thankful that this is something that can be fixed and isn't something that requires surgery or medication or something else that could threaten his wellbeing. If anything, the helmet has been keeping him safer, especially as he's become more mobile. This time with it off has made Ed and I both more nervous as he crawls around exploring, and sometimes we wish that we could put that helmet back on so we wouldn't have to worry about him banging himself up :). 

So, we're currently in a kind of limbo. Done with our first helmet, but not done with having a helmet (most likely). It's sort of a weird place to be, but we're going to make the most of it.