Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sonoma Living: Week One!

We're back! Well, more appropriately, we're home. As in our new home, back in the state we love, in the area we love. We are so, so happy to be settled!

Here's a look at our first week :)

Arriving at our townhouse for the first time - we'd never seen the inside, and we're pleasantly surprised by home much we like it!

Evan loved all the open space to crawl around in the 3 days we waited for our furniture. We moved in Friday and just slept on our air mattress until the moving truck came on Monday.

Sabine (Ed's mom) was with us on our first day to help us get settled.

Evan went with me to check out the local bike bath - The Santa Rosa Creek Trail. It was much emptier than I'd imagined it'd be on a Sunday morning. I guess everyone was on the trails!

 One of Evan's favorite spots in the house - he loves to sit on the stair and then go into a standing position.

And roll on the soft carpet.

He's been using the baby monitor a lot as his own pretend phone.

And he's loving playing with all the door stops everywhere.

And, of course, the stairs are a huge hit. I'm working on installing our baby gates right now.

We had lots of meals on the kitchen floor that first weekend!

 We've been to our local park a couple times now. Evan loves crawling and walking through the wood chips and playing on the slide. I can see us coming here a lot in the afternoons.

 Evan was, of course, very helpful with unpacking, making sure our suitcases were completely empty.

We joined Ed on campus one day to check out his new office.

 It is such a beautiful campus, and we're been having really perfect weather here.

This is Ed's building - his office is on the third floor looking into this courtyard.

So much space compared to ASU!

 While Ed moved in boxes, Evan and I hung out in the shade on the grass. Sticks are a new outdoor favorite.

Today, to celebrate our first week here, we went to Mount Tam. It's only a 50 minute drive, which is amazing! Evan had such a wonderful time, as did Ed and I. 

Evan loved reaching out to touch the trees and feel the bark. 

Once we got down into Muir Woods, we found a bench so Ed and Evan could have snacks and we could take in the beautiful view. 

Evan made it about 20 minutes before the end before he passed out cold. All this hiking was obviously exhausting :). 

Every day, Ed and I comment to each other how happy we are to be able to live here. It's all just been better than we could have imagined. Real life is starting next week, with both Ed and I getting ready for our respective new jobs and new school years, so it'll be crazy, but in a very good way. 

Hope to share more about our summer soon!

Friday, May 8, 2015

One Year!

I hope you'll forgive the super belated post and the lack of an "official" picture. Since we last spoke, we have officially moved out of Arizona, and are settled in Mission Viejo for the next week, as we gear up for our big Germany trip. It has been beyond crazy, but wonderful as well. So, even though I'm over two weeks late, let's hammer out our one year memories! No idea how we got here so quickly. This year has flown.

Weight - 23 lb 10 oz! Evan gained 2 full pounds in the last 3 months, which is huge, considering he gained about half a pound the 3 months prior. Lots of solids combined with no sleep training definitely agreed with him. He gained almost 14 lbs his first  year.

Height - 30.5 inches. I have to admit, I thought he'd measure taller, since he seems tall to me, but we'll take it. He gained about 10 inches his first year.

Head circumference - To be honest, I can't remember this number....It was good though!

He's enjoying 18 month clothes, with a few 24 month pjs thrown in, but I think we'll be in 18 for a good long while


Meat sauce with zucchini noodles - a favorite!

It's been so fun to see how he just likes (and consumes) more and more food these days. Birthday cake was a huge hit, of course. He still loves berries and things with ground beef. Cilantro lime cauliflower rice is another favorite - when we was sick, it was one of the only things he would still eat! He also really likes freeze dried strawberries, which were a go to on our travels, as well as these teething wafers he was gifted. 

Chicago Park

Standing is now a very often occurrence - he likes to squat down and pop up (usually with a little support). Ed is starting to get eager about walking, but I think we still have a little while yet before we get there. He does love standing and watching people work, especially from the couch. 

I mentioned books last month, but they are definitely one of Evan's favorite "toys" right now. He loves to sit among a pile of books and just turn the pages. Even though I know it doesn't necessarily mean much now, I can't tell you how happy it makes me to see him like that. Really hope he gets my love of reading!

He newer favorite, though, is throwing anything and everything, especially balls. He'll play "catch" with most anyone, but also loves to throw the ball and then chase after it, especially on the hardwood, where the ball often bounces unexpectedly. 

And, much to his parents joy, plane rides can go on this list! Evan did fantastically on his first two flights, sleeping about half of each, and then playing for the rest. Fingers crossed our 13 hour flight to Germany will be as smooth :)

 The carrier was the only place he wanted to nap on our trips

Evan might actually be getting a little better with those diaper changes, but we seem to have fallen off the sleep wagon again. He's gotten his top 2 teeth this month, which were super rough on all of us, and it looks like another 3 are looming. All the travel certainly didn't help sleep either. Evan hated both the pack n play and the hotel crib with a fiery passion, so we've been doing a lot more bedsharing. Hopefully this isn't a sign of things to come this summer with our nomad status. 

Sadly, avocados seem to have lost their popularity with Evan! He now will rarely eat them :(. 

He's still not wild about getting dressed all the time, and will sometimes try to pull his shirt off as we are putting it on him. 

We are also having some issues with him biting us - I'm sure it's teething related, but it's frustrating (and painful) nonetheless. 

Important Events:

We had a lot of great trips this month as we finished our stay in Arizona. 

Our first big trip was the Grand Canyon! This was our only visit here while we lived in "The Grand Canyon State" and it was fantastic for all involved. It was so beautiful, and since we all got the opportunity to go down into the canyon, we were able to appreciate it so much more. 

We also flew to Chicago for Ed's work in the middle of the month. This week long trip was fantastic. Evan and I got lots of solo time to sightsee, go to parks, and just generally explore. We got to join Ed for some meals, and he even took one day off so we could go to the Natural History Museum. 

Of course, the biggest event was gearing up for our move. As of his birthday, we are midway packed up and are feeling like we are more gone than here.


Evan is babbling!!!! I cannot tell you how amazing it is to hear him making those sweet sounds. His first "phrase" was na-na-na-na, followed by da-da-da-da-da and then ma-ma-ma-ma-ma. We made it, just under that year cut off that would have red - flagged him. He still is obviously behind, verbally, but we're just taking it as it comes, and for now, this new milestone is the best thing ever. 


Our baby carriers have been lifesavers lately!

While it's been amazing, obviously travel can be tough with a little one. Sleep, as I mentioned, has gotten quite rough, with no signs of improvement in the future, with all the travel yet to come. We've also been getting the "4pm fussies" a lot this month. Something about that time of day has just been setting Evan on edge, so we've generally been going for walks in the carriers to calm him down. We're thinking teeth are mostly to blame. 

We also had a super challenging experience trying to go out to dinner in Chicago. Apparently Evan hated the shirt we put on him, and once we got there and he woke up, he started trying to tear it off while crying. So, we lost the shirt and wrapped him in my sweater, which sort of worked. Of course this happened at the fanciest restaurant we went to. Thankfully, it was 4pm on a weekday, and we were on the tented patio, so we didn't feel too horrible, but it was still a very quick but expensive meal. 

Otherwise, it's just been challenging to get everything done with the house and moving while taking care of a little one. Evan has been great, but it's still just a hard situation. So looking forward to being done!

Mommy Successes:

As I shared (I think!), I officially have a job for next year, which is a huge deal for us. I'm so glad to have this taken care of, and I am thrilled that my new job sounds like a perfect fit. While I have deeply loved staying home this past year, I am ready to go back to work and am excited to be a teacher again in a few months. 

Daddy Successes:

Ed just really enjoyed getting to spend a bit more time with Evan with all of our traveling, and loved having him close by on his Chicago work trip so that he didn't have to leave us for a week!

Best Moments:

First Easter Egg Hunt



and turning One Year Old!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Evan's (Pre) Birthday Celebration

Since Evan's actual birthday was full of handymen doing home improvements and repairs, plus Ed had to work, we "rescheduled" Evan's birthday the day before. 

We started with presents. I lined them all up on the coffee table, and Evan had fun knocking them down to the ground. 

Once they were down, I showed Evan how to tear the paper, and soon he was a pro!

Evan got a mix of practical and fun presents, though we were a bit limited since we couldn't give him anything that would be too big (have to keep that move in mind).

His presents? Some 2T long sleeved onsies I picked up on clearance and figured he needed, baseball footie pajamas, books from the Grand Canyon and Chicago, and a little cloth tree stump with a bear, chipmunk and deer finger puppets from the Grand Canyon. So far, the books are the biggest hits, though he also likes the finger puppets. It's way too hot here for the clothes we bought - we'll save those for when we move.

Afterwards, it was time for cake! Beforehand, I wasn't sure about trying to make a cake so soon after arriving home from traveling. With everything going on, I thought it might be a bit much. However, I was luckily feeling up for it, with the help of a box cake mix. For some reason I'd always imagined baking Evan his 1st birthday cake, so I'm really glad I got to do that. Full disclosure, I sort of messed up getting the cake out of the pan, and it fell apart a little. Luckily, since the cake was just for the three of us, I didn't worry about it. Just re-assembled and used lots of homemade buttercream! And raspberries around the side to hide the missing cake :). 

Evan went for the fruit first, but soon dove right in.

Once he started on the cake, though, he went to town!

In what seemed like no time at all, he polished off his slice, with almost nothing on the ground. 

And to wash it down? A cup of milk. 

What a happy one year old! It was actually really nice celebrating with just the three of us. A perfect, (sugary) sweet day with the sweetest boy imaginable.