Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sonoma Living: Week One!

We're back! Well, more appropriately, we're home. As in our new home, back in the state we love, in the area we love. We are so, so happy to be settled!

Here's a look at our first week :)

Arriving at our townhouse for the first time - we'd never seen the inside, and we're pleasantly surprised by home much we like it!

Evan loved all the open space to crawl around in the 3 days we waited for our furniture. We moved in Friday and just slept on our air mattress until the moving truck came on Monday.

Sabine (Ed's mom) was with us on our first day to help us get settled.

Evan went with me to check out the local bike bath - The Santa Rosa Creek Trail. It was much emptier than I'd imagined it'd be on a Sunday morning. I guess everyone was on the trails!

 One of Evan's favorite spots in the house - he loves to sit on the stair and then go into a standing position.

And roll on the soft carpet.

He's been using the baby monitor a lot as his own pretend phone.

And he's loving playing with all the door stops everywhere.

And, of course, the stairs are a huge hit. I'm working on installing our baby gates right now.

We had lots of meals on the kitchen floor that first weekend!

 We've been to our local park a couple times now. Evan loves crawling and walking through the wood chips and playing on the slide. I can see us coming here a lot in the afternoons.

 Evan was, of course, very helpful with unpacking, making sure our suitcases were completely empty.

We joined Ed on campus one day to check out his new office.

 It is such a beautiful campus, and we're been having really perfect weather here.

This is Ed's building - his office is on the third floor looking into this courtyard.

So much space compared to ASU!

 While Ed moved in boxes, Evan and I hung out in the shade on the grass. Sticks are a new outdoor favorite.

Today, to celebrate our first week here, we went to Mount Tam. It's only a 50 minute drive, which is amazing! Evan had such a wonderful time, as did Ed and I. 

Evan loved reaching out to touch the trees and feel the bark. 

Once we got down into Muir Woods, we found a bench so Ed and Evan could have snacks and we could take in the beautiful view. 

Evan made it about 20 minutes before the end before he passed out cold. All this hiking was obviously exhausting :). 

Every day, Ed and I comment to each other how happy we are to be able to live here. It's all just been better than we could have imagined. Real life is starting next week, with both Ed and I getting ready for our respective new jobs and new school years, so it'll be crazy, but in a very good way. 

Hope to share more about our summer soon!