Our First Apartment

While this will hopefully only be our home for less than a year (until June), it has been a great first place for us these last three years. This past year we've put some effort into making it feel more "homey," but we can't wait until we are in a place of our own and can actually remodel!

This first picture is looking in from the front door, through the living room to the kitchen.

Our living room was recently "remodeled" - i.e. we bought a rug and rearranged the furniture. We love our new rug (much more our style than the southwest style rug we had inherited from my parents). We also have new lamps.

Ed has had this entertainment center since college, and it's certainly held up well.

We enjoy using it to display photos, though I don't think it will be moving with us again.

This corner is our favorite "renovation," as it just looks so much more put together than before. Can you count the number of Mt Tamalpais references you can find in this corner? Obviously that is a special place for us :). 

For fun, here's that corner last year at Christmas. We'll have to figure out our arrangement for this year, though :)

Our kitchen is a bit cramped for seating more than two, but you can barely sqeeze as many as five if necessary.  One of our biggest excitements about a new place is a larger kitchen. 

Going down the hall, this is our guest bathroom, which is tiny, but nice. 

Our bedroom is pretty darn big, by bedroom standards, and I have a feeling we'll be spoiled by this in homes to come. While this picture is from when we first moved in, there isn't a lot different, except that the wall decals from the kitchen are now in one row over the bed (to be like a headboard) to replace the poster, and there is a framed picture on the left wall. And, we have a nicer striped green duvet to replace our cheap Target one. 

Next to my side of the bed, I have a bookcase, with this lovely display on top. In our bedroom, we have two tall bookcases and this shorter one, and all are full to capacity (to the point that I have two rows of books on some shelves). We also have the bookcase in the living room, and ed has two tall full bookcases in the office. Obviously, we have a lot of books, and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Across from the bed, we have this beautiful armoir that is from Okinowa, that used to belong to Ed's parents. It houses the jewelery box Ed gave me as a wedding present, as well as wedding pictures and our wedding invitation. 

And, here is our backyard. We are really fortunate to have such a huge space, though we would love for it to be less concrete. Ed has done a great job really building up this yard - it is so much greener than it was when we moved in!

So, that is where we live!