Thursday, July 10, 2014

Summer Break!

I'll be taking a bit on a summer break on the blog to focus on some lovely family adventures this next month. See you all in August!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

4th of July

Pictures from our 4th (and third)

first dust storm of the season

patriotic outfit!

our grown up little boy

getting some "me" time

Low key but lovely holiday!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Wrapped in Love

Evan got some amazing presents in the mail this week from his Great Aunt (my Aunt Mo). She is an incredibly talented quilter and always gifts the perfect one for special events. The picnic blanket she gave Ed and I for our wedding is still something that we cherish and use often. 

So, imagine our happiness at seeing a package from her and finding these inside:

This cross-stitch was stitched by Aunt Mo's sister and is beyond intricate. All the details about his birth information are on there. This is such a special keepsake. 

And, the quilt is just gorgeous. The color scheme reminds me of Eric Carle, which is his nursery decor. I love that she included a note to not be afraid to use these (that a replacement can always be made) because part of you wants to put these in a safe place and admire the from afar. 

Instead, we're using the quilt for a very special place to do our tummy time. All the patterns are fun for Evan to look at and the material is quite soft and comfy. 

We also just got a literal wrap - a ring sling to be more specific. While we love the Moby wrap, it's a bit cumbersome to put on, and now that Evan is around 17 pounds, the stretchy material just doesn't support him like it used to. 

I am so in love with this carrier. I think it's just beautiful, and it's much easier to put on (though I'm still figuring it out a bit). Once we get good at this, though, it will be fantastic. It's made of linen, so it's very light and breathable, and even has a pocket in the tail (the long piece that hangs down). Verdict is still out on how Evan feels about it, but I think he'll really like it once we get the fit down. 

(and a side note - I got my hair cut!! Ed took care of Evan so that I could have a bit of pampering. It's a bit shorter than I was planning, but I think it's perfect for summer - and the length makes it a little harder for Evan to pull on it quite so much :) ).

Our Aniversary

With our little one finally here, this anniversary was both our best and most low key. We honestly almost missed it as it's been hard to keep track of the days. We realized about a week before, and decided no presents, since we already have the best one possible (and we just had mother's/father's days).

So we decided to celebrate by going out to dinner. This was Evan's first dinner out, so we chose an early time at our favorite indian place (that's also a buffet). Evan fell asleep in the car and looked super cute.

We split a yummy bottle of indian beer,

in ice cold glasses.

It was so nice to go on a date, and Evan gave us a whole 30 minutes of quiet eating.

Right when we finished eating, Evan's patience ran out and it was time to go.

It may not have been the longest or fanciest anniversary, but it couldn't have been more special.