Sunday, August 21, 2016

18 Weeks!

How Far Along?  18 weeks - whoops! Poor second child syndrome. But really, I got home and straight into getting ready for the new school year and sort of forgot about these updates. Plus, since I didn't want to post on here until after the school year begins, it's been harder to remember. But, that should all change as of tomorrow, so hopefully I'll get back on track!

Size of the Baby? An artichoke - crazy! I guess that's what happens when you stop updating weekly; that seems huge now. Baby is 5.5 inches long and 6.7 ounces. 

Sleep? Still struggling between Evan wake ups (especially this week as he adjusted to having me back at work) and having to use the bathroom. Plus a couple work related bouts of insomnia and getting up early for work and I've been pretty darn tired. Hopefully things will calm down soon though. 

Eating? Nausea is basically gone now, so eating is mostly determined by what I feel like. We've been trying to do healthy meals, and I'm still loving a smoothie every morning. I still need to eat frequently, so that's been something I have to remember with working more. 

Exercise: This week has been a bit hit or miss since I've been working such long days and practically falling asleep when I get home. I did go on one walk with Evan and am hoping once I settle into regular teaching hours I'll do better. I did sign up for a 10k in October, so my "official" walking training is starting next Monday. Hopefully that'll keep me motivated!

 What I Miss? I miss Evan time. It's been hard getting ready for the school year with all the time demand that includes, and then being so tired when I get home that I'm not up for doing fun things with Evan. Ed has been great helping out, but I'll be glad when things settle down a little bit. 

Best Moment? Telling work! I shared at our group staff meeting on Tuesday about the pregnancy, and it was so fun to be fully public with the news. Everyone is so supportive and excited for me, which is lovely. 

Milestones: Going back to work, officially. Even though I've been working off and on since the beginning of August, I'm actually getting paid for it now :). 

Mommy Update: Tired! I've been happy that while I'm at work, I generally feel like I have normal energy. But, when I get home, I just crash. I've put a ton of work into the set up for this year, though, with the hope that after the first week, I can really settle into no work on the weekends and leaving right after the school so that I can soak in more family time and not tire myself out so much. 

Big Brother Update: Evan is just the best. He's been saying "Oh dear, Oh my gosh, Oh my goodness" a lot, when he does something silly. We took him on the Golden Gate Bridge last weekend which is his favorite thing in the world, so that was super fun. When we went in the gift store, he must have said "Mighty Golden Gate Bridge!" about 50 times, pointing to all the posters, books, etc. The people working there got a kick out of it and even gave him his own sticker with the bridge on it. He's also convinced that the baby (which he calls "baby tiger")  is actually a tiger, not a baby :). But the best is all the "I love you mommys and I love you daddys Evan randomly says throughout the day, and all the sweet kisses. He is such a loving little boy and we are so lucky we get to be his parents. 

Baby Update:
Baby continues to be great. It seems like it must be growing since I've been hungrier lately and I am certainly looking bigger. I can't believe we get to find out the sex next week - I'm still learning towards a girl since this has seemed like a much different pregnancy, but we'll see! Both options seem so wonderful :).