About Us

I am a California Native who was born in San Francisco, grew up in Orange County, and reclaimed the Bay Area as my home 8 years ago. I lived in the Silicon Valley for 5 wonderful years with my husband Ed, who I married on June 28th, 2010 on Mount Tamalpais, a beautiful mountain full of amazing trails north of San Francisco. We loved everything the bay area had to offer - especially the time we were able to spend out in nature.

But, after Ed finished his PhD at UC Santa Cruz in June of 2012, we packed up our life and moved to Gilbert, Arizona so that Ed could start his career as an Assistant Professor in Science Education at Arizona State University. We have been slowly but surely getting used to our new state and trying to find ways to enjoy our old activities in a new setting.

Some of our favorites so far have been Sedona, where we have fallen for the beautiful red rocks, and Flagstaff, where we got to experience the kind of nature we're used to, plus some very fun snow. Arizona is much more than just cactus, and we're determined to make the most of our opportunity.

I teach am now in my 5th year of teaching this year, in a 4/5 combination class a few miles from ASU. It's challenging, and has certainly been an adjustment getting used to Arizona schools, but I do have some really great kids in my class.

While we used to spend the weekends on trails, we seem much more likely now to be spending time working on make our home "us." We love our first home together, and it's made this transition all the more sweet.

After 5 years of wondering what would be next for us, it's so nice to be here, finally home.