Sunday, May 5, 2013

Scottsdale Culinary Festival

A few weeks ago, Ed and I decided to take advantage of the local events by taking my coworker's recommendation and heading to the Scottsdale Culinary Festival. We were promised yummy food and our money going towards funding the arts. It was a win, win. 

It was another beautiful afternoon (we've been having a lot of these lately), and we were thrilled to be outside enjoying it. While I have no pictures of this, the crowd was, well, interesting. Everywhere we looked, women with bleached blond hair, huge heels, and very trendy revealing clothes. In other words, what I imagine people in LA wear :). Apparently this is a good taste of Scottsdale night life, which made me very glad we do not live there. 

Drinks were pretty expensive, but they did have one that I was intrigued by. 

It promised to be similar to a German Radler, that I loved so much on our honeymoon. The verdict? Not enough of a beer flavor for Ed, but I thought it was lovely and refreshing. After we drank it, we ended up refilling it with water, as it was still warm out and we didn't want to pay to buy a bottle of water. Worked pretty well!

Just sitting in the shade and people watching was lovely.

Ed got inspired by the landscape while we were there and had me take some photos. We have since become the proud owners of two golden barrel cacti. 

The flowers were spectacular. And, we were amused to see Kale blooming among them! Just like in our garden. 

We found a nice bench and just sat and relaxed. It was such a beautiful setting. So beautiful, in fact, that we were nicely asked to move out of the way for a little while so that a couple could have some maternity photos taken. We were happy to oblige. 

While we had some good food, we were soon ready to move onto dessert. Some pistachio and almond ice cream was perfect. 

The fountain was lovely ambiance, and we enjoyed watching all the little kids playing around in the water, despite the very clear "keep out of water" signs. Did not seem to deter them or their parents. 

To cap off the night? A lovely salted caramel cake push pop. Something trendy and tasty and perfectly reminiscent of our afternoon. 


  1. Sounds like a lovely way to spend an evening. The ice cream and cake push pop look really, really good!

  2. We like the summer shandy too :)
    just tried a pineapple wheat beer, to me, just a blue moon though.
    I agree with Paula-- totally looks good! A long way from the Flinestone's pushpop!