Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Visiting Family

We have had a wonderful time this past almost week visiting with Ed's family. Sabine, Ed's mom, arrived last Thursday, to get some quality time with our sweet little boy (and lend a much appreciated helping hand). 

Evan, of course, loves spending time with his Oma.

And Ed had a great time with his mom. Together, they did some gardening (including planting some veggies that will hopefully grow) and just enjoyed spending time together.

We also were lucky enough to have a short but sweet visit from Ed's brother, Tom, and his wife Irma. This was Evan's first time meeting any of his aunts and uncles, and he loved it. 

We had a lovely full weekend of Mother's Day celebration, Saturday with Tom and Irma and delicious scones, eggs, and bacon. 

On Sunday, we got to skype with my family, and facetime with Ed's other brother and family. It felt like such a full weekend of family. 

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