Wednesday, August 20, 2014

California Adventures: Santa Cruz Day 2

Our first full day began with a very cute and smiley pajama clad baby.

He really enjoyed getting some quality time with his grandma.

After breakfast, I had lots of fun dressing Evan for cool weather. This beautiful blanket made by my sister was a lovely and very useful source of warmth for Evan throughout our trip. 

His little bunny hat was from my parents when he was born (in honor of his Easter birthdate). It was huge when he was born but fits perfectly now. I was also so excited for him to get to wear the little hoodie I got for him and the jeggings from his grandma.

We decided to spend our morning going for a walk around the lagoon. We also decided to try Evan in the "big boy" part of the stroller for the first time. He did great!

We walked on the pathway across the lagoon, taking a stop when we saw our rental. 

After we finished the trail, we wound our way through the neighborhood until we reached the ocean. 

It was a beautiful foggy morning at Pleasure Point - a popular surfing destination. 

There were lots in the water, including a 5 year old boy surfing his first wave! His family (?) was cheering him on from the sidelines. 

Poppies always make my heart happy. As does the sun breaking through and transforming the ocean from grey to blue. 

That afternoon/evening, we had the pleasure of getting together with some good friends, who we hadn't seen in a year. They had a little girl 3 months before we had Evan, and it was to fun to see the babies together. 

A lovely end to our day. 

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