Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Zoo Lights!

The past couple of years, Ed and I had heard great things about "Zoolights" - a Christmas light extravaganza at the Phoenix Zoo - but hadn't get made it there. 

Now, since it was our last year and our last chance, we knew we had to go, especially since we now had a little one that we hoped would also really enjoy the lights!

We bought the tickets planning to go on a Friday, but kept feeling too tired and/or busy. Before we knew it, it was Sunday - the last night of the Zoolights!

Despite some ominous clouds, we set out, arriving right when it began at 5:30 and hoping Evan wouldn't melt down. 

Timing ended up being perfect. We got to enjoy the beautiful storm clouds as the light faded, which was the perfect backdrop for the lights. 

I love Christmas lights, so I was in heaven.

We got a few drops of rain, but luckily it held off until we left!

These massive trees were my absolute favorites of the night. 

 Only a main pathway of the zoo was open, which was actually pretty perfect for our needs.

In just about an hour, we were able to make our full loop.

There were many other families out there taking in the lights as well and enjoying the beauty. 

As we got into the car, the rain began to pour down, and we were thrilled to be headed home with our sleepy boy. 

What a lovely night!

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