Friday, December 18, 2015

First Week In!

We're in our new home!

It is wonderful, but a bit crazier than we probably imagined. We're still definitely under construction, without a functioning kitchen, covers on all the outlets, a fireplace, and lots more. Plus, with only a weekend to move in, we've unpacked just a few boxes. 

But, we are home. My parents came up to help hang artwork and get us settled, and we have one room at least that feels close to done. 

We are in love with our flooring and the home layout. It is the perfect amount of space for our family and is so nice to come home to!

I've also finished my last week of teaching before break - no school on Friday is a happy bonus :). As I dreamed, I do indeed have a couple of students whose families work for wineries and got some wonderful wine as teaching presents. I have such a great class and we had a lovely last week. 

This is our view from our bedroom at sunrise. I am so happy to be waking up to this every day. Today's goal is to get as much unpacked as possible and really turn this into our space! Hopefully, our counter, sink, stove and dishwasher will go in this weekend and I'll share some more pictures when I can.

Happy Holidays!

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