Friday, July 22, 2016

How Far Along?  13 weeks (technically 13 weeks 4 days - I've been a slacker this week :) ). 

Size of the Baby? A jalapeño. Baby is 3 inches long and weighs almost an ounce! 

Sleep? Well, it was a rough week for sleep, but because we were on a trip and Evan got sick. This meant 4 nights of bedsharing with a restless toddler and no solid sleep for me. Luckily since we've been home, Evan has either slept through the night or only woken up once, so it's been much better.

Eating? I definitely wasn't feeling great at Tahoe, mostly because I was altitude, which generally bothers me a little. That plus not sleeping meant it wasn't surprising I didn't feel great. Still, I'm able to eat pretty normally, and am looking forward to focusing on healthier eating once all of our traveling is done this next week. 

Exercise:  I've definitely been a little more active than last time around, with hiking at least a few times a week. I got to hike twice at Tahoe, which was beautiful. My goal is to get out walking or hiking most every day, and I am planning to sign up to walk a 10k in October. I always wanted to do a race while I was pregnant with Evan and never did, so I don't want to miss my chance this time around. 

 What I Miss? Well, I took sushi off that list because after some additional research, I decided to indulge. Other reputable countries (like the UK) have no issues with women eating raw fish, and the risk of getting sick is only 1 in 2 million, versus 1 in 250,000 eating chicken. It was lovely, but of course ended up not sitting great (see still having morning sickness). Still probably won't indulge that often, and will probably stick with simpler dishes, but it was tasty. I did miss getting to indulge in wine on vacation, and of course feeling rested. 

Best Moment? Sharing Tahoe with Evan for the first time, and, just like at Yosemite, thinking about future trips as a family of 4. 

Milestones: Reaching 2nd Trimester! Today is the "official" day that I am over 1/3 done, as long as this little one doesn't go late. I'm definitely showing, even in loose fitting clothes, and am ready to tell coworkers when I see them in a couple weeks. Non pregnancy milestone is that we are done traveling for the summer! I am thrilled to be just enjoying being home with my boy, especially since this is the last dedicated time I'll have just with Evan for a very long time. I have my NT scan on Tuesday and am nervous/excited so see our baby. 

Mommy Update: I'm generally feeling pretty good! I was definitely feeling exhausted from all the trips (I was only home 9 days in the past 6 weeks!) but it was a great summer. I'm still more tired than not, but hopefully as I keep getting further in the pregnancy and Evan keeps sleeping better, that will change. Now I'm just trying to get back into the swing of work things and getting everything Evan will need to start his new daycare in less than a month!

Baby Update:
I'm sure Baby Lyly is doing great. Just like last time, I sometimes I imagine I can feel it moving around in there. I'm sure I'm just feeling muscle spasms or something, but it's fun to pretend. Of course, last time I didn't feel anything until 23 weeks, so I'm not holding my breath :). Baby can now start sucking it's thumb, which is incredibly cute. Also cute, it can now make facial expressions, including frowns, grimaces, and squinting. More organs are working, including the kidneys, and it's getting lugano (fine, soft hair) over its body to keep warm. Keep growing little one!

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