Wednesday, November 30, 2016

32 Weeks

So, didn't remotely keep up with these this time! But, I'd like to try to do at least a few more if I can so I have them to look back on. 

How Far Along?  32 weeks! This feels like a big milestone since it's only 6 weeks until when Evan was born and I'm now less than 2 months from the due date

Size of the Baby? A squash - around 4 pounds and 16 inches long.

Sleep? So many fewer insomnia issues thanks to a toddler that keeps us up all the time and wears me out. When I do have the chance to sleep, I generally sleep very soundly. Getting up at least twice to use the bathroom, and it's a good night if those line up with Evan wake ups. 

Eating? Mostly okay. Probably a few more treats than I should have, especially with being in the throes of a holiday season. 

Exercise: This is the hardest thing for me this pregnancy. It's not just that I can't exercise, but I have to avoid stairs when I can, avoid walking when I can, and even avoid standing. It's definitely affected my mood (and my eating), and is one of the main reasons I am not too sad that this is likely my last pregnancy. 

What I Miss? Walking whenever and wherever I want. I am fantasizing about all the hiking I'll be able to do after the baby is born. 

Best Moment? Thanksgiving - it was so wonderful having almost all of our family here to celebrate and see Evan play with his cousins. 

Milestones: Entering the last stretch of teaching for the year. It's so bittersweet - this has been an amazing class and I will be very sad to leave them. But it's also going to be a crazy busy stretch and I know I will be so glad to take a "break"

Mommy Update: Tired and hurting most of the time. I am doing so much better than a couple weeks ago when I literally could barely walk. I'm now doing physical therapy exercises every day and wearing a special support belt that is making a world of difference and letting me get through the teaching day with a manageable amount of pain. I'm loving all the baby movements just as much as last time. 

Big Brother Update: Evan has been growing so much in everything. He is loving the start of the Christmas season - he loves the lights and tree and has me read him "The Night Before Christmas" every night. Sleep continues to be hit or miss, like always, but the rest of the time Evan is generally such a fun and loving little boy to be around. In the mornings, he usually comes downstairs and cuddles with me on the couch while I have breakfast - it's such a special time. He's also finally doing so much better going to bed - we can do stories and say goodbye and he will usually go to sleep without a problem. It's such a treat to be getting our evenings back and have Evan back to a 7:30/8 bedtime. 

Baby Update:
Plenty of growing and moving! Baby nursery is mostly set up and looking so pretty - I'm hoping to finish most of the rest this weekend and maybe even start some baby laundry. Can't wait to meet this little boy. 

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