Sunday, January 2, 2011

Playing Games

One of the best uses of our vacation time was game playing. We were gifted with the very wonderful game, Seven Wonders, 

that had been introduced to us by our friends, Bill and Jenny, and had a great time sharing this game with out families. 

After eating a delicious lunch out on the patio (in sunny 70 degree weather - loving Cambria winter weather), we spent another hour outside enjoying our new game. 

Ed's mom was especially up for playing this with us, and resoundingly beat us on her first attempt at the game. 

That evening, we got to try out Sabine's new game, Super Scrabble. This one ended up being a little less light-hearted, as the Geaneys/Olivers/Lyons are apparently a little competitive when it comes to word-play. 

Still, we certainly had some fun times playing. 

Games are certainly great presents!

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