Tuesday, February 15, 2011

January on Mt. Tam

With a three day weekend in January, we decided that the perfect way to enjoy our perfect winter weather would be to head up to our favorite mountain. We picked up some sandwiches and had a lovely picnic on our wedding site. Our point was much greener than during the summer, but an entirely different kind of beautiful. Like always, the stunning view was there to greet us. 

Towards the west, the fog hovered over the Pacific, but we could see the ridge of San Francisco hills poking through in the distance.

After getting our fill of sandwiches and views, we headed back to Pantoll, where we parked. Ed wanted to show me a trail that I hadn't been on yet (well, this section anyways). He ran this as part of PCTR's Stinson Beach 25k. He had been telling me about it for a while, so I was glad to see it for myself.

The trail started with this great sign - I think these are new? All the information you could need about a trail.

The trail was somewhat downhill going out, and I surprised and Ed (and myself) and was able to run almost that whole first half!

Beautiful views along the crest

Once we reached the turn-around, we stopped to rest and grab a snack.

We took one last view at the beautiful coastline before heading back up along the ridge back to pantoll.

Because we had to wait for the morning clouds to fade away, we were treated with the unusual (for us) experience of enjoying the fading afternoon sunlight as we headed along the trail.

And watched fog start to roll in along the hills.

In the distance, we could see O'Rouke's Bench, where Ed proposed 1 year and 8 months before. 

And we could see Mount Diablo to the east.

 As we got near the start of the trail, and were about to enter the redwoods, we took a few last moments to stop and look back over the beautiful vistas.

And, on the way home, with the sun setting, we got to see our beautiful Golden Gate.

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