Sunday, February 27, 2011

Spicy Friday

To celebrate being back together after a very fun week with my sister, brother-in-law, and brand new niece, Ed and I decided to be adventurous and try out a new restaurant. We generally head to the same places, and are hesitant about trying something new, and, for some reason, seem to have an aversion to heading into San Jose for meals. It's also hard, in our area, to find places that are within our price range - our nearby areas are certainly not wallet friendly.

But, we decided to break the rut, and jumped onto Yelp to find a good place to eat. Our find? Hunan Taste. This got a solid 4 star rating, with generally positive comments. The reviews mainly said that the food was good, traditional, and spicy, but that the restaurant wasn't very fancy.

It's in an unassuming strip mall off of 4th street, in a generally residential area of San Jose, just off of 880.

The inside was nice and low key, with a clear window going across the wall of the restaurant, that allowed us to look into the kitchen. This reminded me of when I was little, and we used to go to a restaurant called, "Stixs" - we always tried to get a seat by the windows so we could see the giant flames shooting out of the woks as our food was cooked.

Our food was generally very tasty - the potstickers were some of the best we've had, very filling and delicious. For our entrees, we got sweet and sour beef and kung pao chicken. Both were incredibly spicy (we were happy that we had asked for medium, and not anything hotter!). The sweet and sour beef was really tender and wonderful, the chicken, not so much (it lacked a bit of flavor). But, for a $31, we got a large amount of food (and a refilling pot of green tea).

Anyone have any other recommendations for good (not too expensive) restaurants to try in the bay area?

(pictures are from Yelp website)

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  1. Just wanted to drop in and say hey! Congrats on the niece!