Thursday, April 12, 2012

House Hunters: "So, Which One Did They Choose?"

We've reached that point in the episode where it's time to wrap up. If you've watched the show before, you know they always give three choices. Here are the top three from our hunt. We liked them all (funnily enough each day had one stand out house), and would have been happy in all three. But one really stood out for us and we're thankful we got it!

In the words of the show, "So, which one did they choose?"

House #1: Bighorn Home for $250,000
The cozy, least expensive 4 bedroom, 2 bath home with the beautiful fireplace and magnificent tree in the backyard?

House #2: Mondel Home for $310,000
The spacious airy 4 bedroom, 3 bath home with the spectacular backyard, but the biggest price tag?

House #3: Saguaro Home for $296,200
Or, the lovely 5 bedroom, 4 bath home with citrus trees galore and beautiful shade?

Find out after our home inspection tomorrow which new place we will be calling home in Arizona! 

Which home would you choose?

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