Saturday, April 7, 2012

Woodside Fun

(You can check out my running blog to read the whole account of the hike, but needless to say, it was fun and beautiful)

Kort, Ed and I headed out on the 1st of April to enjoy the newly sunny weather (albeit soggy trails).

We took Kortney to Woodside, a new place for her, and told her all about the crazy home prices but beautiful scenery that this place abounds with.

A highlight of the hike was munching on some homemade chocolate chip cookies at our halfway point. I had no idea a bit of sea salt in the dough could add such a lovely extra flavor. These were by far the best (though perhaps only) homemade chocolate chip cookies I've ever made. I'm definitely keeping this recipe.

We also got to enjoy the beautiful flowers in bloom as we headed down the second half of the hike. 

We finally reached our car, a little more than 2 and a half hours after we began, for a very leisurely 4.5 miles. At this point, it was almost 2pm, and we were hungry. Our original plan was to head to a winery, but we knew food needed to come first. So, into Woodside we went. We found this bakery and cafe, which was perfect. Fancy enough to serve wine, which we decided was a better choice than hitting a winery separately. Ed, especially, was a bit tired after running 10 miles in addition to hiking 4.5, and was ready for food than home. 

Food, though, first. 

To start, they brought homemade foccacia, which was spectacular. Warm, fresh from the oven, and served with my favorite - olive oil and vinegar. The dispenser for it was very cool, with a glass shape like grapes suspended in the larger body, allowing the vinegar to rest in the interior while the olive oil surrounded it.

Kort and I each got a very yummy glass of chardonnay and satisfied our need winery needs.

Lunch was quite amazing. Ed had a somewhat deconstructed turkey pot pie. Instead of the soupy part being served in a pie crust, it was simply topped with a puffed pastry round. It was perfect for this crisp day.

Kortney and I both went for the burger. Served on another homemade focaccia role, and topped with a delicious creamy cheese and bacon, it was spectacular.

Sitting in the restaurant, we kept commenting to each other on the perfection of this day. 

To have been outside for almost 3 hours and then to be enjoying this delicious meal - there's little more one could ask for.

As the lunch crowd passed and the restaurant quieted down, Ed and I wondered quietly if this would be our last visit to Woodside. With just a little over 2 months left in the Bay Area, some of these perfect day trips will be it for us, to those places. At least for a while.

So, nothing for it but to live in the moment. And, at that moment, I decided what I needed to mark this occasion was a macaroon. It's been one of those things on my list to try. So, I did.

My pistachio flavored macaroon was amazing. Totally unexpectedly amazing. And the perfect cap to a perfect day.

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