Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Berkeley Trip

Okay, this is really old (like over 2 months old), but I'd still love to share this wonderful day trip. We took this the day before we went on our (successful) home buying trip, as a farewell to east bay.

The main event was for this guy:

Ed had a 30k race that he'd signed up for with Coastal Trail Runs, which he was pretty excited about. It was super cold at the start, which is generally a good thing, since it means it won't get to hot. We didn't have that long to wait until the runners were off!

In just a few minutes, they were all gone, leaving us spectators to ourselves. I enjoyed walking down the race trail, taking in the morning sunlight, and glad to not be in a rush.

However, I'd be remiss if I neglected to go on my own run of one of my favorite haunts. So, up I headed to the lookout point in Tilden. Up here is a nice paved trail with excellent views and easy running, or so I'd remembered. 

Piece of advice: when going on a run you haven't done in 5 years, that you last did when you were in incredible shape, don't take your memory at face value.

Yes, the views were wonderful, but it was a bit more rolling than I'd remembered (the flat that my 2 weeks post marathon legs were counting on wasn't quite there), and my favorite chunk ended up closer to 4 miles out, much further than I'd wanted to go.

I also discounted my very real phobia of solo running. In fact, I turned around not once, not twice, but three times during this run out of fear, only to turn back around when another person went past. I have this slightly embarrassing, but incredibly helpful habit of "tagging" along with unsuspecting runners on trails. I give them a head start and then hang behind them as long as I can (pace permitting). One wonderful gentleman got me from 0.8 miles to 1.5 miles and another from 2ish miles to 3. 

An equally lovely (but unfortunately faster) runner (the figure in the picture above) got me from the turn around to about 4.5, at which point there were enough people out that I just dealt with it :).

At least I had the views to keep me company! And, even though I almost gave up so many times, I still got in my 6 miles :).

I got back just in time to catch Ed at the turn around, and again at the ending.

Ed had a great race, despite getting a little lost!

 Finally, we said goodbye to Lake Anza and headed out to Berkeley,

stopping for a few last looks at the wonderful view.

Pizza was Ed's request, so we headed to Jupiter's, a great Pizza/beer place that I went to a few times in college. 

The pizza (and beer) was excellent!

We enjoyed sitting on the patio outside, enjoying a beautiful bay area day.

Afterwards, we headed out on a walking tour of Berkeley. Believe it or not, Ed and I have never walked the campus together, and I was excited to show him my Alma Mater.

 We stopped by this beautiful oak tree, outside a building I had some of my English classes in, as well as a history of Broadway class.

We, of course, had to visit the Life Sciences building for Ed.

And say "hi" to the T-Rex.

And Lucy.

Then, onward to the Campanile.

From there, we moved onto Sather Gate, a place of many a cappella concerts.

And finally to my favorite building, Wheeler Hall. While I had a few different kinds of classes here, this is the official English building on campus. I have always loved the history of this building, imagining how many students have walked through its doors.

We really had a perfect day.

After that, I took Ed to the oldest building on campus, South Hall, and challenged him to find the sleeping grizzly bear hidden in the architecture. 

We took in one last view of the golden gate from the Campanile. This was one of my favorite spots on campus. Every time I walked past that view, I felt thankful to be a student here.

As we backtracked, we headed back towards the north side of campus, past a beautiful weeping willow,

And more gorgeous architecture.

In just a few days, we were on UC Santa Cruz's campus, UC Berkeley, and Arizona State.

While all are special in their own way, Berkeley will always be my favorite :).

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