Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Taking Breaks

The past few weeks, our life has looked something like this:

And, actually, the past few days has been much more discombobulated. At this point we have given away our  couch and entertainment center, as well as a mirror and a rug. In any event, it hasn't been the most calming place to live in, which is totally okay, since it's exciting to be preparing for the move, but definitely encourages us a good excuse to get out.

One place of escape? Our backyard. Granted, at this point in time, it looks a bit sad, since Ed's cleared out many of the plants. Still, it's a nice patio, and with the warm weather we've been having, it's been perfect for breakfast and dinner (provided we eat early enough and late enough respectively).

We also had the wonderful opportunity for a more formal meal escape with our good friends, Bill and Jenny (who have just celebrated 1 wonderful year of marriage! Yay!).

We went to the wine bar, "Cin-Cin" in Los Gatos, a lovely place we went to years ago for wine tasting and some light food. We'd always meant to return, and were thrilled for this opportunity.

We started with some amazing small plates:
mushroom empanadas,

encrusted goat cheese with yummy fixings,

and soba noodle lettuce wraps.

All were fabulous! We also had excellent Ahi Tuna and sliders. Apparently I was so excited by them, I forgot to photograph them :). We did stop to get a photograph of ourselves though!

For dessert, we headed back to our house (Ed did a great job hiding the boxes in our bedroom so we could respectively have people over), and were treated to Ed's "famous" mocha almond cake. Granted, he'd only made this once before, back in college, so this was my first chance to taste this "famous" cake. Ed was very excited about making it, and for good reason. It was wonderful!

So glad we're taking time to enjoy life amidst all the craziness :).

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