Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Celebrating 2 Years, Continued.

(So, so tired. This week is definitely better, but I'm still really looking forward to the weekend :). In light of that, let's look back at the rest of our anniversary to relax ).

Possibly one of my favorite parts of our celebration happened around 5am. I happened to wake up, and was greeted with this:

One of the most gorgeous sunrises I've seen in quite a long time. I quickly work up Ed and we sat there on our deck, staring at this beauty, for almost 30 minutes. Looking out over the bay, we both felt pretty perfectly content.

Once the sun was fully up, we went back to sleep for a little bit. Ed crawled out of bed and headed out for one last run while I enjoyed being lazy in our room. He rejoined me after about an hour, with beautiful descriptions of the morning trails, then we headed up to breakfast. 

Like always, it was a wonderful breakfast, with a great view. We enjoyed the room up until checkout time, and then headed off for two more special places before we said goodbye to Mt. Tam. 

First up? Visiting our proposal spot. We chose to *not* recreate the entire hike, as originally it was a 4ish mile hike to proposal spot, with multiple wrong turns. We decided to instead take the easier 1/4 mile hike (that we didn't know about on the original trip :). 

It was a beautiful day, as it almost always is up there.

We got to the spot I *thought* Ed was going to propose at, that at the time was full of kids smoking. Yuck. Thankfully, we chose to kept going up, and made that same decision this time around, too, despite having the hill to ourselves :)

Finally, we reached O'Rouke's bench. I still have such a vivid memory of Ed stopping and putting on his green sweater (my first christmas present for him), 

and then coming over to propose.

The view was spectacular and we wanted to stay up there forever. However, a shortage of time coupled with some aggressive flies had us heading down after a short stay.

We took in one last view of our wedding spot, with the ocean and San Francisco beyond.

(It was a little greener when Ed proposed :))

Took one last photo.

Just like last time:)

And hurried down the trail.

We took one last stop at our wedding site, and that was it. 

(on our beautiful day in June)

It was time to head back to our apartment for one last night in the bay area.

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