Sunday, September 9, 2012

Dinner Date

The hard thing about being so busy is that I can't seem to keep this blog caught up with all our weekend happenings :). These pictures are from 3 weekends ago, but better late than never, right? This was right before I caught that super nasty stomach flu. Obviously I was fine the night before :)

Ed and I wanted  to have a nice dinner out, but we've found that spontaneously picking a dinner place doesn't work out too well here. Saturday nights mean that most places are booked solid. Luckily for us, one place that we'd heard recommended, Brio, was huge and could accomodate us. It was southeast of us, in the San Tan Village, a nice outdoor shopping center, and was a great choice.
We had to wait a little while for our table, but were seated eventually :P

Our dinner was at 8pm, and since it was just a balmy 100 or so, there were people outside enjoying their dinners. We requested inside, however, since we wanted to enjoy the air conditioning :).

We started with drinks. I had a really refreshing berry lemonade that was spectacular.

We were starved, so started with bruchetta, topped with steak, arugula, goat cheese and other goodies. It was really good.

For dinner, I had vodka ravioli, while Ed had lasagna. We were both really happy with our choices. The restaurant reminded us a bit of the Cheesecake Factory inside (it was so big!), but much better food.

Afterwards, we enjoyed just walking around the center. All the stores were closed, but it was still nice just to walk, since it had cooled down a little bit more. Outdoor time is a somewhat limited commodity here during the summer.
We're slowly learning our way around this area, finding places to go! It's fun to have such a vast region at our disposal :)

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