Monday, January 21, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up

So, remember how I said I thought I was getting better? Apparently I wasn't. Well, to be more specific, I was getting better (in fact, by Thursday I was feeling pretty darn good). Only, by Friday afternoon, I started coming down with cold number 3. Seriously? I am so, so tired of being sick. I have literally been sick this whole month (give a day or so).

I have to admit, I had big plans for this 3 day weekend. I was going to paint the upstairs bathroom, among other things, and just get a huge amount done. Instead? I spent much of it in bed trying to recuperate.

The highlight of Saturday was definitely celebrating my niece's birthday, albeit from afar. Since we couldn't come out for her 2nd birthday, I had the idea of skyping in.

It was so much fun to get to sing "Happy Birthday" to her and see her eating her cake (as well as seeing my family). Technology can be a wonderful thing.

It's so hard to believe Amelia has gone from this:

To this:

To this:

So crazy. She is such a special little girl, and I can't wait for her to be old enough to really remember and get to know her Uncle Ed and Aunt Adelyn. 

Ed also had a very big weekend. It was finally time for his big marathon!

Ed was shooting for a 3:25 time (because he's crazy fast like that), so got the 3:30 temporary tattoo of pacing times. Pretty cool that they have those now! Ed was very amused. 

I dropped him at the start and then headed back home to rest up. We decided he didn't really need to see me along the way, so I just had to show up for the finish. I also used the time to do a few errands, since Tom and Irma were coming to visit and we needed to pick up some food  and tidy up a little. 

Around 10:20, I headed to the finish. It ended up being at least a mile walk to get to the race, and than another half mile or so to get towards the finish. I got a bit confused by the finish and, to make a long story short, backtracked a few times, which meant I wasn't at the finish on time. As I was about two tenths of a mile away, I saw a familiar ASU visor running past. I tried to yell out his name, but of course he couldn't hear, so I tried to keep up, running parallel to him. I kept up for a little, but then it got crowded, and I started running short of breath (nothing like a cold to make you feel seriously out of shape). 

So, I cut my losses, and went up to the barriers. I was able to just make out Ed as he crossed over the finish right at 3:25!

We were able to meet up after (after a lot more walking). Ed had such a great race and definitely looked the best I've ever seen him after a big race, and he just did super well. Of course, he's totally fine today - not sore or achy at all. Crazy man. Good thing he was so fine, as we probably walked close to 2 miles back to the car, after getting a little turned around . 

Once we got home, it was all about getting more rest. It's been beautiful weather, in the mid 70s, which is cluing us in as to why people want to live here in the winter. It's been heavenly. I also got to take a nap, which revitalized me for our wonderful guests, who arrived that afternoon. 

Like always, Tom had a project to do for us. This time, he was finishing hooking up the speakers in our house. Needless to say, we now have surround sound! Even better, we can play music from our tv or devices that can be played all over the house and even outside. It's so fun to have the ceiling speakers working. We've been listening to music all day. 

We tried a new mexican restaurant for dinner, which was very cute inside and had great food, as well. 

Today, I was feeling a little better, and finally got to have the day I wanted, if not the weekend. We had a nice breakfast all together before Tom and Irma went out shopping and Ed headed to the office. 

I stayed home and made the executive decision that painting just wasn't a priority. Instead, I decided to tackle some home projects that have been on my list. First up? Making this:

Yep, our very own detailed chore chart. We had talked for a while about having something like this. After looking online for inspiration and not seeing anything exactly like what I wanted, I decided to just make it myself. It was pretty darn easy. 

Now it has a perfect home in our laundry room, ready to be checked off (it's in a frame so it can easily be marked using a dry erase). Hopefully it will be good motivation for us to keep our house clean and put together. 

For my second home improvement, I didn't have to look any further than our closet. As my family will attest, I don't have the best track record when it comes to putting clothes away. I'm much better as an adult, but with being sick the past few weeks, and so lacking energy to put in effort, it had gotten pretty sad. No before shots, but imagine clothes (and books, bags and the like) on the floor and on shelves. I started by just organizing to get it back to how it used to be, which was a feat in itself. However, that still left me with some piles of stuff hanging out on shelves (winter gear, running jackets, purses, etc.). So, I headed to Target, and a short time later I had this:

Seriously? I love it. For about $40 total, I got 6 bins, plus these handy dry erase label clips. Now our closet is easy to navigate and nice and need. Now if only we can keep it this way!

The last project has been on my list for ages. I started with some Pinterest inspiration and had been biding my time for the right weekend and right shelves. I found these at Home Depot. While my first try yielded wiggly shelves, the addition of some anchors really made a big difference. The review were pretty mixed, mostly because they can be a bit wobbly, but anchors made them pretty secure. These are definitely not perfect, but I love them!

We still have many things on the list that we'll eventually get to, but for now, I'm pretty darn thrilled with the progress one day can yield. 

I'm so happy that the cold didn't stop me from having a very nice day today. I'm still feeling a bit better than I did yesterday and fingers crossed I'll be even more well as I head back to the classroom. 


  1. I like all the organization! The shelves in the bathroom are super cute! good job!

  2. Big congrats to Ed on his marathon! That is an awesome time. Very, very well done! :)

    1. Thanks, Jean! I'll pass along your compliments to Ed :) I'm pretty impressed myself!