Saturday, February 2, 2013

Last Weekend

For real, I am starting to feel normal. Last weekend was my "I'm still sick" weekend, and this past week, while utterly exhausting, didn't feature any cold relapses, so I'm hoping I've kicked this for good! So, I thought it would be nice to actually do something with my lovely iphone pictures that I've started taking, and try to get back to actually blogging a bit more regularly.

I spent the first half of the weekend attending an oh so fun training that is basically an utter waste of time (for me). I need it to be credentialed here in Arizona, but it basically is a repeat of what I learned in California, at a basic level. I've been a good sport, but this one went an hour longer than the previous trainings, which made me pretty frustrated, since a good 4/5 of the training is spent on random tangents that aren't at all content driven. In any event, I only have one left!

Afterwards, I hurried home and got prettied up, so that Ed and I could head about 50 minutes north to Cave Creek to attend a work party with Ed's co-workers. It was great fun, and was so nice to be with a group of like minded people who care about education, are relatively new to town (all are pre-tenure faculty and spouses who moved to Phoenix area in the last 4 or fewer years), and so can share our perspectives on some of the idiosyncrasies of this area, politically and otherwise. Ed and I haven't been the best at really getting to know people yet, so it's great to have these kinds of get togethers.

Sunday was lovely. It was the kind of day I'd been needing - relaxing and full of promise. We started with brunch at Liberty Market in downtown Gilbert, where we'd only gone for dinner previously.

The food was yummy and, even rarer, appropriately sized. So often, the portions here in Arizona are crazy big, so it was nice to have a reasonable sized meal. While everything was really yummy, the star was Ed's biscuit, which was unbelievable moist and amazing. My pancake was pretty good too, though. 

We took care of some chores and errands, which was actually nice, since I'd been less than pulling my share of the weight since being sick, and I also started doing my next home project - installing fixtures in the downstairs bathrooms to replace the mismatched ones that were there. These were the ones we chose:

All I really got done this weekend was taking down the old ones and installing the towel rack, but this past week I've been able to make some more progress. I'll share pictures once it's all up!

Our last excursion was very long overdue. Since Christmas, Ed and I had talked about seeing Les Miserables. We'd planned on seeing it every weekend in January, but each time, I'd ended up being too sick to actually go, much to the frustration of Ed. So, since my health returned, we headed out Sunday afternoon to the movies - our first time in Arizona!

We discovered a great little complex about 5 minutes from us, full of music and art related shops, of all things. It also had a cupcake shop and a frozen yogurt place, so I'm sure we'll be back.  We really enjoyed the movie, though it was definitely a tear-jerker (and I'm not usually one to cry during the movies). So glad we finally got to see it!

I wrapped up the weekend with long overdue conversations with every member of my family. It was the perfect end to the weekend. 

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  1. Hey Adelyn! I just tried to call you, but you didn't pick up so I thought I'd read your blog. I enjoyed your iphone pics. I've also been enjoying sunsets! We get a nice peek - a -boo view from our bedroom and the colors have been magnificent! It's coincided with my Bible reading so it's been a perfect time to thank God for the beauty of this world.

    Glad you are feeling well again and enjoying the beauty of the world around you!