Saturday, March 2, 2013

Spring Crafts

  Life, Love and Puppy Prints

So far, I've only successfully been able to complete on spring craft so far. Forever ago, I pinned this picture, with the plan to make my very own soon.

Gorgeous wreath!
(source isn't working anymore)

Finally, things calmed down enough, and it was the right season for me to tackle my very own version.

I can honestly say that I very much love it! It makes the front of our house look so much cozier and friendly. Plus, it'll look nice all the way until fall. I was super easy to make - just bought the hydrangeas from Michaels, detached their stems and leaves, and stuck them through the grapevine. I didn't even secure them with anything (something I need to rectify soon). The numbers are a bit larger than I'd wanted, but work just fine. I painted them with some craft paint, then hot glued some floral wire to the back, and used that to attach them to the wreath.     

All told, the craft took maybe 30 minutes start to finish. Easy, pretty and well worth the effort. 

Excellent pinterest find :)


  1. I like your wreath very much! I also enjoyed your post about spring training. This is a nice way to keep up with your life. Thanks for keeping us informed.

  2. I love it!!! Great job!! Thank you for linking up!!