Monday, March 18, 2013

The Lyons Go To Spring Training

Ever since Ed and I got together, we'd been planning on going to a baseball game. Believe it or not, I had never been to a baseball game (that I can remember - apparently I went to an Angels game as a kid, and even sat in the press box, but alas, so memory). But, the years slipped by in the Bay Area and we never made it to one. So, since we were moving to the home of Spring Training, we decided that we should attend a game. 

And, we did!

Of course, we had to attend a Giant's game, and we were so surprised at the huge amount of Giant's pride in Scottsdale. As we looked for parking, we saw Giants flags everywhere, signs promoting a Giant's victory, and lots of fans decked out in Giants gear. Pretty crazy considering they were playing the Diamondbacks (Phoenix's team). 

We went for lawn seating, which was excellent. 

You just brought a picnic blanket, spread out, and relaxed! Perfect for watching a game. 

We needed lunch, so I decided to go with the "famous" noodles, which were very delicious (and seemed like a much better deal than the hot dog Ed bought for the same price). 

For never watching a game, I was able to follow it pretty well. 

Of course, I may have read my book between the innings. That's normal, right?

At the 5th inning, we may have enjoyed some delicious garlic fries. 

And, of course, we had to have some beers. 

I may have needed to check out the scoreboard after each swing, to find out whether it was a ball, strike, out, etc. But, I did pretty much get the lingo by the end. 

We stuck it out to the end, and were rewarded with an awesome Giants' victory. 

Baseball was such an important part of Ed's childhood, so it was so great to share this experience with him. 

While I may not have become a baseball aficionado, I do think we'll make this an annual event. What a special way to spend a Sunday. 

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  1. You seemed to embrace the fun of attending baseball games: eating, drinking, and enjoying the outdoors.