Thursday, January 8, 2015

Cambria Pre-Christmas

Since moving to Arizona, visits to our families in California are even more sweet. Returning to the land of rolling green hills and vineyards with the knowledge that in the not too distant future we'll be moving to a place that will look similar in the not too distant future made our hearts so happy. 

My mother in law has spent a lot of time making updates to her home, and it's such a beautiful place to visit. 

Evan got to try some new foods on this trip, including cauliflower and beef goulash. He wasn't in love with this high chair though - it'll be better when he's a bit bigger :).

One of the highlights of our trip was a hike we went on early in the week. We dropped Sabine off at a place called "Treebones" that is a resort and has a restaurant, and then headed further up highway one to a trail that Ed has done a few times and just loves. 

Evan was excited to go for his first California hike in our new carrier. 

Evan is continuing to get used to his new ride - his new thing is grabbing onto Ed's hair and/or visor during the hikes :)

We were so impressed with how green everything was. After the horrible drought over the summer, it was refreshing to see that the recent rains had at least brought some growth to the hillsides. 

Ed was 100% honest when he told me how beautiful and lovely this trail was. It is cut into the steep hills to the side of highway one and gave us constant ocean views.

Evan was pretty happy, too!

As we got higher, the views got even more spectacular!

Definitely one of my favorite stretches of earth in the world

We are so excited to be sharing this with Evan, even if he can quite fully appreciate it yet!

As we rounded one of the inward sections between hilltops, we neared our mile turn around. 

Evan had begun to get a little fussy and we knew we didn't want to push our luck. 

We broke out the pacifier, and luckily Evan was content the rest of the journey. 

The hike back was just as gorgeous, if not even more so. 

It was also nice to just feel like I was in decent shape for once. A definite motivation for getting in shape the rest of my time in Arizona has been the desire to take full advantage of California outdoors once we move. 

We've both started making lists of all the places we want to visit, the trails we want to explore, the races we want to complete. Nothing like leaving California and getting the opportunity to return to make you fully appreciate all it has to offer.

And Ed, being the wonderful husband he is, gave me the gift of a green light to run down the last quarter mile of the trail, getting to enjoy some rare and much needed solitude in nature. 

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