Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Today, I got to hear the words I'd been hoping for since we began this whole physical therapy journey over 4 months ago: "I only want to see Evan once more, when he learns to walk. He has no more asymmetries and is like any other normal boy"

That's right - Evan has graduated!

We are so lucky that Evan made so much progress so quickly. It was a lot of work for a short period, but very worth it.

I still remember that feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach when we were at gymboree and all the babies were doing tummy time around a mirror. All the other babies were relaxed, staring down into their reflections, playing around. And there was Evan. Stiff as a board propped up in a plank on his stiff little arms. It just broke my heart to see how different he was from all the other babies.

And, now Ms. Roxanne, our PT told me that if she hadn't known about his torticollis, she never would have been able to tell that he wasn't just a normal little boy.

So proud of our sweet child!

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