Monday, June 27, 2016

10 Weeks

(written 6-27-16)

What they say about the 2nd child is already coming true - I'm starting these posts a whole 4 weeks later than with Evan. But, hopefully I can make up for lost time. I love being able to look back on my first pregnancy, so I am going to do my best to keep the record going on here again.

How Far Along?  10 weeks! Double digits feels exciting and much more real :). 

Size of the Baby? A kumquat - 1.25 inches and a little less than a quarter of an ounce

Sleep? Just like last time, insomnia is hitting me about half the nights. It doesn't help that I have a toddler who hates sleep, especially when we travel, so I'm up a lot between him, having to go to the bathroom, and insomnia. On the plus side, I'm so used to being tired now that I'm finding it less hard to adjust than with the first pregnancy. 

Cravings? Not cravings so much, but this time around sour things are helping me feel less nauseous. I've been using jolly ranchers, especially on car trips, and am liking drinking orange juice. I also have been liking watermelon, since I read that it helps settle the stomach too, and it does seem to help a bit. 

 What I Miss? This pregnancy really has felt a bit easier, which I'm so thankful for. What I mostly miss is feeling in control of what I'm eating. This time around, lots of snacking seems to help, but that means I'm eating more than I probably should. But, I'm counting myself lucky. 

Best Moment? Being in Yosemite! It was Evan's first time going, and we all had such a great time. We talked a lot about booking a trip for next summer as a family of four. There were lots of little babies in the valley, and it got me excited about our new little one. 

Milestones: Next appointment is 7/5 - coming up soon!

Mommy Update: Even though I'm sad to be feeling not so hot on all of our trips, and it makes all the driving especially hard, I am so glad I'm not teaching for most of the first trimester. It's so great that I can be "off schedule" when I need to be and take it easy. Looking forward to 2nd trimester in just a couple weeks. 

Big Brother Update: Evan is so cute with the baby. He either calls it Baby Tiger or Baby LyLy (Lion) depending on his mood. We aren't 100% sure where baby tiger came from, but we're encouraging baby lyly since it does go with our last name :). Evan usually points to his own tummy if you ask where the baby is and he loves looking at the developmental image of the baby on one of my apps. 

Baby Update:
Baby is definitely in the fetal stage now - all the major organs are developed. It's getting little nails and hair, which just seems so tiny and amazing. It can also move all its limbs. 

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