Saturday, April 16, 2016

Lovely Saturday

Ed was working, so Evan and I got to have a mommy and me day. I'm not sure why, but Evan was in a wonderful mood today. So silly and sweet and exactly how you dream an almost 2 year old might act. The only negative was that he wouldn't nap, but since he was so happy, I didn't push the issue.

I had the lofty idea to take Evan to the lake in the hiking pack. I hoped he'd nap and I could enjoy sitting by the lake and reading.

However, I'd totally forgotten how heavy the hiking pack was. Sheesh. It was a fantastic workout, but the weight, plus the warm afternoon, meant I felt like I could barely keep going. 

But, it was beautiful, if hot, so I pushed on. 

Thankfully, after only 20 or so minutes of hiking, Evan finally passed out. 

So, as soon as we reached a bench under an oak tree, I pulled Evan off and took a break. 

I had a beautiful view and spent a lovely 15 minutes reading my book. 

It came to an abrupt end when I looked up to see this little guy literally about to crawl onto Evan's face!

Such a pretty caterpillar, but not something I want on my child's face. So, I decided we should move on. Evan ended up waking up, for the shortest nap in toddler history :). 

This wasn't an entirely bad thing, since we were debuting Evan's brand new big twin bed tonight. Evan was beyond excited about his rockets. This ended up being a bit of a problem as he was so wound up - he kept wanting to visit his rockets and couldn't stay laying down. 

Evan also loved the moon sheets. Hopefully the bed gets less exciting after a few nights, but it sure was cute to se how happy he was. And, hopefully sleeping on a bed that's actually soft, plus big enough that he can roll around without falling onto the floor, will help him sleep better. 

One can hope at least! No matter how tonight goes, though, I'm so thankful for my little boy.

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