Monday, October 24, 2011

Before We Have Kids...

For much of our relationship, Ed and I have had a good timetable about when we'll be adding a little one to the Lyon household.
It's a baby "Lyon" - get it? :)

As we've gotten steadily closer to that time (sometime within the next few years) we have both felt the push to "take advantage" of life with just the two of us. However, it's pretty interesting what "take advantage" means for each person.

There are so many things that are limited once you have kids: travel, free time, relaxing weekend time,  couple time, wild nights out, crazy work hours, etc.

Of course, Ed and I have never been ones to stay out late, going to the popular places, but all the other activities are definitely part of our "just the two of us" life. Still, Ed and I don't necessarily see eye to eye on what we should be taking of advantage of on our weekends, which seem to represent for us the "free time" that we won't have when we have kids.

Ed is feeling very driven to go out exploring - spend a weekend in the Sierras, go out to Yosemite, go backpacking, etc. He wants to be out and having adventures. On the flip side, he also wants to spend a considerable amount of time working. For him, a perfect weekend combines a long hike/run, errands/chores, and working.

In contrast, my priority before we have kids is to soak in as much quiet lazy time as possible. My absolute perfect weekend morning entails waking up around 8am, heating up a pot of tea, and then reading in bed for the next two hours. After that, I would like to have a nice breakfast with Ed, and then read for another 30 or so minutes (or until I finish my book). Then, I would get ready for the day and do some work/errands. I would love to spend the other day out and about on a fun day trip, that would combine a run/hike on trails and exploring a new area. We both are very concious during our favorite weekend activities that we are so lucky to have the time to do them.

We've had some really good talks this weekend, and have realized (for the umpteenth time it seems) that, surprise, Ed, after spending all week working from home, wants to get out on the weekends to go to  new places, while I, after working away from home all week, want nothing more than to soak in some time at home. It makes perfect sense, based on our week's work, but it does make it tricky sometimes.

For instance, we were supposed to go to San Francisco today for a very long run (14ish) miles and then spend time in the city. It sounded amazing and fun and perfect. Last weekend. However, after a week at science camp and guests last week, and 12+ hour days with parent teacher conferences, on top of an all day training Saturday this week, I broke. I just couldn't handle not getting some time at home today.

So, Ed was wonderful and gave me exactly what I wanted. I got to sleep in, read most of an entire book, have a lazy breakfast, take a picnic hike up in the mountains, and get some work done.

I feel perfectly rested, now, and very content to go back to work tomorrow.

Both Ed and I know that we have this wonderfully limited period of time right now where we can be a bit selfish in our needs. So, for the next few years, I will be reading a lot of books in bed on Sunday mornings, and Ed will go out on adventures. And hopefully eventually we will have little ones that will want to do these same things...

Well, a girl can dream :)

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  1. Curtis is you, I am Ed. We actually just had a similar conversation on this subject (about what we like to do on the weekends).