Sunday, October 16, 2011

What $500,000 Will Get You

As Ed's job applications have gone out to universities across the county, we've had fun daydreaming about buying our first house. Of course, depending on where we settle, that looks pretty different. For fun, here is what $500,000 (our relative house budget, depending on where we actually settle) will get you:

Manhattan, KS (Kansas State University)
1524 Barrington Drive, MANHATTAN, KS.
5 bed/ 5 bath/ 5,800 Sq Ft

Norfolk, VA (Old Dominion University)
9639 17TH BAY ST, Norfolk, VA.
4 Bed/3 Bath/ 2,200 square feet
Across the street from the beach
$227 per square foot

Boulder, CO (University of Colorado)
4222 Lee Hill Dr, Boulder, CO.
3 bed/ 3 bath/ 2,403 Sq Ft

Oxnard, CA (CSU Channel Islands)
3 Bed/ 3 Bath/ 2,464 Sq Ft
$201 per Square Foot

Auburn, AL (Auburn University)
6 Bed/ 5 Bath/ Sq Footage not known, but it looks big!
.57 corner acre lot with basement

San Jose, CA (CSU San Jose)
1434 JEFFERY AV, San Jose, CA.
3 bed/ 2 bath/ 1,285 sq feet

Columbia, MO (University of Missouri)
(I think this one is my favorite!)
6 bed/4 bath/ 5,156 Sq Ft

Saratoga Springs, NY (Empire State College)
 WALDEN CIRCLE, Stillwater, NY.
4 Bed/ 4 Bath/ 4171 Square Feet
$120 per square foot

Tempe, AZ (Arizona State)
2010 E BENDIX Drive, Tempe, AZ.
$495,000 (a note - I do not want to live in the southwest, and there were not a lot of homes to choose from)
6 bed/4 bath/ 3,488 Sq Ft

Fresno, CA (CSU Fresno)
7882 North Wheeler Ave, Fresno, CA.
4 bed/3 bath/ 3,001 sq ft
$167 per sq ft

Mountain View, CA (West Ed - Non Profit)
1983 SAN LUIS AV #2, Mountain View, CA.
2 bed/3 bath/ 1,171 sq ft

Sigh.....we live in such an expensive area!!! We are definitely torn between wanting to live somewhere affordable and loving the area we're in.

More likely than not, the decision won't be entirely in our hands, since it all depends of what jobs Ed is offered.

Still, it's fun to browse!


  1. This is the house I want in Mobile, if we don't buy in Spanish Fort or Daphne (across the bay)

    This is 10 minutes from work:{scid=hdp-site-map-bubble-address}

  2. So Pretty! Sure you don't want to buy? :)