Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Room of our Own

When we moved into this home, we were very thankful that it was a home that wouldn't require a lot of work. We knew we'd be busy and didn't really want more on our plate.

However, we did know that this room would need to be painted. What we didn't know until we moved in was that there were also repairs to be done. Those heavy draperies were hiding some serious cracks that needed to be addressed.

Having her furniture out was the first step towards reclaiming this room, but it still looked way too much not our style. I begged Ed to pull those draperies down and I single-handedly tackled that chair rail, pulling it all out myself.

Since we weren't able to start until after I began working, it was a slow process. I.e. one wall at a time. Ed and I were a good team, through the almost month long process. It worked well, since our couches weren't due to arrive until September.

However, we got a bit of motivation this past week when we found out our couches would be delivered on  Tuesday! We now needed to immediately get this finished. We spent most of the weekend doing the last two walls (the trickest  because they had the most patches to do). Then, Monday, we were up until 11:30pm painting the baseboards and cleaning up. 

So, so tired for work, especially since my Tuesday at work started at a little before 7am and lasted until 7:15pm. It was a very, very long day. 

But, it was all worth it to come home to this:

Granted, we need to do some finishing tougher like hang prints on the walls, get a rug for under the dining room table, and maybe a different one for the couches. Nonetheless, it's finally a room andy it finally feels like us. We both love our new furniture, and are really happy with our choice to go with the two chairs along with the couch. It feels so grown up to have pretty living room furniture.

The paint color also looks great with our dining set, that we were thrilled to finally re-establish in its rightful place in the dining room (it had been living by our family room couches the past month, with the chairs strewn about by the front door. We're debating about a mirror behind the table, but aren't totally sure yet.

We broke the table in immediately, as Ed had an amazing dinner waiting for me when I got home. We can't wait to host people (i.e. make some friends) so that we can fill up the table :).

After dinner, we sat on the couch and just reflected on this continuous journey of home ownership. This feels like a big landmark for us. From here on out, it's just some finishing touches with furniture and decoration. Eventually we want to paint other rooms, but for now, we feel quite content.


  1. Looks awesome! I love the paint color!

  2. Beautiful job! You two have a decorative touch and excellent taste. What a gorgeous room. May you enjoy many happy years (and dinners) in it! :)