Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Flashing Back:San Francisco Trip, Plus Father's Day!

Continuing in the better late than never vein, here are some more pictures from Ed's graduation weekend.

We started the Saturday with a lovely Father's Day breakfast at Los Gatos Cafe (thanks Ed for taking the picture!)

Afterwards, the parents/grown ups went off on their adventures, while the "kids" (i.e. Noemi, Keven, Kortney, Ed and myself) headed to SF.

We parked nearish the presidio, and headed off to a walk over the Golden  Gate.

Needless to say, it was a beautiful day.

Before we knew it, we were created with the quintessential view.

There were so many great updates for the bridge's anniversary that were fun to try out, like this bridge that showed how much wind pressure the bridge could withstand.

When we got closer, there were beautiful flower displays. 

Even though I've run over it so many times, it was a little freakier walking over it. You could really feel each little rock and bump!

We distracted ourselves by taking pictures.

Great reflections...

We made it about 2/3 of the way before we decided to turn back. Lunch was calling our name.

From here, we jumped on a bus that took us to Fort Mason, and we headed off for another walk (part of my old favorite run loop).

It was such a warm, beautiful day - one of the few truly "summery" days I've experienced in S.F.

There were lots of people out enjoying the "beach".

For our "last" meal in SF, we headed to Boudin Bakery, which was perfect. So many good memories of Boudin from when I was a kid.

Our final stop was Pier 39, of course :).

No Ghirardelli for us (seeing as how Kort, Ed and I had gone to Monterey the previous weekend and shared two Ghirardelli sundaes between the three of us). 

By the time we headed back to the car, we'd walked about 6 miles and had a wonderful city day.

When we arrived home, it was time for one last big family dinner at our apartment (so funny to see pictures of it now that we're in our significantly more spacious home!).

And with a beautiful sunset, a perfect day was complete.

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