Saturday, February 9, 2013

Last Lovely Weekend

Since it's now the next weekend, I thought it only timely to get last weekend's updates up. Not that it's all that exciting, but it was my first non-sick weekend, so that definitely counted for something!

Ed was really eager to go out and explore our great state, but after being sick for a month and a crazy work week, I really, really wanted to sleep in and be a homebody. Lucky me, my husband acquiesced :).

So, after sleeping in until 9:30, which was heavenly, I fixed us some french toast with bananas. I've recently discovered that, despite my aversion to cooked fruit, cooked bananas are in a category all their own. I've been putting them in my oatmeal in the last minute of cooking, which has been very tasty, so I was happy to cook up some for our breakfast, which was great.

Afterwards, we headed to the farmers market. Now, I really should know this by now and not get my hopes up, but Arizona farmer's markets really don't have a whole lot in common with California ones. We hit one up at the end of the summer, which pretty much sucked, but I thought that was just a summer thing. Well, this one was about the same. Now, to be fair, it did have a pretty good amount of booths and was definitely lively. It's just that out of the 40ish booths, only 2 had fresh produce, and both were basically sold out by the time we got there. We aren't completely giving up - we might try another one this weekend, and actually show up in the early hours to give ourselves a fighting change. In any event, it was nice to walk around. 

Since we were close by, we decided to head back over to the riparian preserve/library. 

As we were crossing a bridge over one of the ponds, I commented on how much I'd like to actually see one of the Sonoran turtle that the sign mentions. Then I looked up and saw this:

Definitely made me smile to have my wish so perfectly granted. It was a perfectly beautiful day,

 and we loved our little walk, though it was cut quite short since someone's stomach *cough*Ed's*cough* needed sustenance. So we had a nice lunch date a Chipotle and then headed home for a leisurely afternoon. 

We both spent much of our afternoon lounging outside by the pool, which was such a treat (especially as this weekend is proving to be a bit on the gloomy, rainy side). Ed and I have decided to bite the bullet and turn our front yard into a more desert appropriate landscape (gulp), so I spent a lot of time researching plants/designs I liked, as well as some good day trips that we can go on, courtesy of Sunset Magazine. It was a good afternoon that got me excited about our area and the beauty that really is here.

We finished off the evening by finally finding a redeemable sushi restaurant! We'll definitely be going back again and again - it was a good price and very tasty fish. Reminded me of our old bay area sushi place, but much less crowded.

Sunday was all work, but having a full Saturday that was just about perfect was lovely. More than I could have asked for!


  1. You live in some beautiful country! I was staring at a snowstorm today, so it is nice to see some pictures of blue sky and warmth. :) Sounds like a fantastic weekend, and glad to hear you are feeling better!

    1. Thanks, Jean! I am definitely growing to appreciate it as time goes on. I can't imagine living in the frozen tundra that you seem to inhabit, though it certainly is gorgeous :)