Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Farmer's Market in Cambria

 (By the way, if you're at all interested, I've started following a new philosophy towards eating that I'm talking about over on my running blog :) ).

As the central coast is also quite well known for yummy fresh produce, I convinced Ed and Sabine that we should visit one while we were there. Luckily for us, she really enjoys a Friday afternoon farmer's market in Avila, so off we went!

Being in wine country (or close to it at least), we had to get ourselves a bottle to enjoy, as we took in the scene.

It's amazing how warm it was out there. Little did we know, it was the beginning of what would be a lovely heat wave on the central coast with uncharacteristically warm weather: ). Made it great for sitting outside. 

Our food plan was simple. Each person would take a turn and choose their stand of choice, bringing back something to share. 

I went first, and went for a spectacular fish taco.

I couldn't resist the freshly grilled and seasoned corn, either. 

While we were there, we had some excitement - the local news was there! Interviewing the guys cooking the fish tacos I just got, no less. Sabine watches their channel all the time and was super excited to see the weather guy. We even got to talk to them later, though not on the air.  We think we probably make the background of the news, but never found out.

The market wasn't huge, but had everything we could possibly want. 

Afterwards, we had a lovely walk down the pier, enjoying the views.

When we got back to Cambria, I realized that it was just about sunset, so pleaded with my companions for a quick drive down to Moonstone Beach area so that we could catch it. 

We timed it perfectly. 

As the last glimpses of the sun slipped below the waves, we turned back to the car, and looked up to glimpse of the sun's counterpart. Just as beautiful, if not quite as flashy. 


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  2. Adelyn, you had such great weather when you were in Cambria. Love the photos - this could be a spread in Sunset Magazine!