Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Zebras and Otters: Must be in San Simeon

The next day, we decided we were in need on some beach time, so we headed north about 15 minutes to a very nice place to hang out. On our way up, we saw some very exciting locals.

The Hearst Zebras! I've only seen them a handful of times, but it's always so fun. I'm not sure I've ever seen so many of them all together. 

After getting my fill, onward to the beach we went.

We all brought books and took no time getting settled.

Despite the nice weather, it still was a bit cold, so I was glad I had on a sweatshirt and my long dress. 

This is one of the view I pull up in my mind when I get tired of the desert. 

Before we left, we took a nice walk along the water, and I had fun walking in the waves (though was a little less happy when I realized the bubbly sensation under my feet were lots of little crabs burrowing under the sand). But, but most exciting, we saw an otter! He was just basking, hanging out on his back in the water. I sort of turn into a little kid when I see cute animals. I may have finished my walk solo because I stopped so much to take in the fun of that little otter.

 then, we came home and cooked up some of that great farmer's market fare from the day before. 

Ed's gotten pretty darn good at grilling, which I am very much enjoying. We'd picked up some super tasty filets from costco to grill up with our squash. 

It was a nice looking table, if I do say so myself!

I was planning to make a super complex sauce for the steaks, but just ended up making a gorgonzola butter. Just mix butter and gorgonzola and heat it up a bit so it melds. Super yummy. As our other side, I sauteed fava beans and kale. Perfect summer meal. 

After dinner, we had fun traveling through Germany, via our game, Ticket to Ride. 

One of our last wonderful days before the craziness began.

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