Tuesday, October 1, 2013

10 Weeks

{Originally written 10-1-13}

How Far Along?  Double digits :). Super excited to be at 10 weeks!

Size of the Baby? A prune (lovely....). Somewhere else said strawberry though, so I think that's what I'll picture when I think about baby Lyon this week. 

Sleep?  Ugh. I was doing so, so well! Only waking up once at 3am every night and usually getting back to sleep. Last night, though, no luck, so I've been a zombie all day. Didn't help that parent teacher conferences were happening this afternoon, which are tiring on a normal day. 

Cravings? Nope. I did feel like French Onion soup when we went out to a cafe, only to find out they didn't have it, so Ed was awesome and picked up some while he was at Costco later. I had it for lunch yesterday, and it was awesome!

 What I Miss? I think same as last week - feeling rested and not nauseous. The nausea has eased up a bit, but was back full force today, I think because of the lack of sleep. Hopefully tomorrow is a better day.

Best Moment? Seeing our baby! Hard to believe that was less than a week ago, but it was amazing. I still can't believe there's a little baby growing in there, moving around. It was so special to share that first view with Ed, and to hear its heartbeat. Can't wait to see it again!

Milestones: Seeing our baby and hearing a strong heartbeat of 175. Our other milestone is that I took my last progesterone supplement last night, so I am crossing my fingers that our baby is ready to be independent. 

Mommy Update: Well, I was apparently outed at work on Friday! A coworker that I had to tell due to morning sickness (and who knew this was supposed to be a secret - she'd kept it for almost a month) spilled the beans to a group of coworkers. I found out from one of the ones she told. Nothing to be done, and at least my principal knows, and everyone's happy for me, but it was a little earlier than I'd planned on people finding out. So long as the kids stay in the dark for a few more weeks, I'll be happy. 

Baby Update:
Baby is definitely in the fetal stage now - all the major organs are developed. It's getting little nails and hair, which just seems so tiny and amazing. It's going to start really growing rapidly now, and I can't wait. 

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