Tuesday, October 15, 2013

12 Weeks

(at the Desert Botanical Garden on Saturday - 12w1d by my new calculation!)

How Far Along?  12 weeks! So far I've been going by the date I calculated based on all the data I tracked, which is about 4 days earlier than the doctor's more generic calculation. However, after our appointment yesterday, and seeing our baby measure right in between the two dates, I've decided to just go with the doctor date, so I get to jump ahead a little :). So, by new calculations, I'm now 12 weeks, 4 days. I may, then, start posting these on Fridays instead, so my next one might be soon!

Size of the Baby? A plum! Our baby measured at 5.8cm (2.28inches) which was perfect for 12w1d. It's doubled in size over the last three weeks.

Sleep?  In general, still a lot better. I was awake for 2ish hours during the night on Saturday night, and today I woke up at 5am after a nightmare that Ed sold our baby to another couple via adoption to make some extra money. It's amazing how upsetting dreams can be! Glad to wake up and realize it wasn't real. 

Eating? I haven't found that I've wanted anything more than I would want not pregnant, but I have been really feeling like Indian food. I think we'll get some today. I've been having more aversions, as my stomach has been pretty off the last week. Proteins have been less settling, so I've been having lots of carbs which is killing my poor Primal/Paleo educated mind. I did start feeling better yesterday, though, so I'm hoping the light at the end of the tunnel is approaching, and I'll be able to go back to healthy eating soon. 

 What I Miss? Being a productive member of our household. I spent most of the rest of my fall break laying on the couch, since whenever I stood up I felt sick. Poor Ed has been having to do the brunt of housework. I tried to go to the grocery store the other day and all those smells made me feel horrible. Had to hurry in and out with just the essentials. Again, hopefully I'm almost at the end of this. 

Best Moment? Seeing our little baby yesterday at our 12 week ultrasound and hearing it's little heart beating! Oh my goodness, what an amazing treat. It was doing all of these flips in there - so much more energetic than last time. It definitely looked bigger, but with all the movement, we didn't get to see that classic profile, so it didn't look as classically "baby-ish". It had a great heartbeat, that wasn't so much on the high side (161 instead of 175) as it was last time, which is normal. Everything else looked great, so it seems like we have a healthy baby in there. After two great scans, I'm feeling so much more confident about this pregnancy and am feeling more ready to actually post on this blog and tell my students. 

Milestones: The 12 NT Scan - we'll get the bloodwork back in 7-10 days, but so far everything looks good. 

Mommy Update: I am feeling so very happy right now. I am feeling appreciative of my lovely students, my healthy baby, and my wonderful husband. And, thankful that my stomach *may* be returning to normal.

Baby Update:
Baby can now react to pokes on the outside (Ed heard this and wanted to start poking my stomach so the baby could work on it's coordination - I declined). It's almost done developing all the major body parts and is moving into the "growth and maturation" phase. This is considered a turning point in pregnancy, as the organs will now start to work and just work on getting stronger. Baby is also opening and closing its fingers and curling its toes. It's brain is also developing quickly. 

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