Sunday, December 8, 2013

20 Weeks!

(Belly seems less impressive than last week, but this is a bit more realistic :))

Also for fun, here's 10 weeks versus 20 weeks! I'm even wearing the same shirt :). 

Thankfulness: Even though November is over, I still like the idea of expressing thankfulness in these posts. So, today, I am thankful that Ed and I got to spend some quality time together this weekend (even though this is technically more fitting for next week), and I got to see this:

Ed and I just got back from San Diego, where we spend a lovely weekend. Ed was working for most of it, but we were still able to carve some time out for visiting Balboa Park, having some wonderful food, and spending some time outdoors. 

How Far Along?  20 weeks!! This is a big milestone :). I feel like we're much closer to having a baby than we were even a few weeks ago. 

Size of the Baby? Another half inch, another two ounces!  

Sleep? I don't think I actually had any insomniac nights this week! Still waking up between 5:30 and 6am most mornings, but that really isn't bad, all things considered. Maybe things are on the way up. 

Eating? Still doing pretty well (or maybe too well!) so I think I can feel safe saying the morning sickness is gone :). I woke up a few time incredibly hungry but otherwise I think I just need to be careful about not eating too much unhealthy foods. We're finally done with the Thanksgiving leftovers (and tossing what we couldn't get through), and are going to make a better effort to have at least a couple of healthy weeks before the next holiday. So thankful that most foods are now agreeing with me, though!

Exercise: Umm...yeah. I sort of failed this week. In my defense, it was a super busy week, and I also started dealing with some fairly debilitating sciatic pain in my good leg, of all places. I'm very glad that I had an active weekend, to make up for the lackluster week, and am going to work hard to hit all my workouts this week. 

No real big push this week - took it easy.

Best Moment? Getting to take a nap on a weekday! It was sublime :)

Milestones: Reaching that halfway mark! I am now about 80% sure I've been feeling the baby, which is very fun. We're really looking forward to a big baby week this week, with the Anatomy scan on Tuesday and our next Family Circle (midwife appointment) on Wednesday. Hoping for a healthy and cooperative baby. 

Mommy Update: I've been a bit more tired this week, but am very thankful that I got the opportunity to take it a little easier with work. I did have a few baby related nightmares this week, probably just feeling anxious about our baby's health as we go into our scan. Had a great conversation with my big sister about all things pregnancy/baby related, which was lovely. Even better, she's letting us borrow some baby gear! My parents brought us one item - the swing - when we met them for lunch this morning, and I already got it mostly set up. It's so special, especially since I have so many lovely memories of tucking Amelia into it when she was little. I'm sure our little baby will love it, too!

(Little baby Amelia, our almost 3 year old niece, when she was brand new :) )

Baby Update: Baby is working on developing taste buds, gulping down several ounces of amniotic fluid a day, and can now be measured from heel to head, instead of head to rump, since it can straighten out now. Bones continue to toughen up, and body parts are finally proportional! 

Can't believe that at next week's update, I can finally use our baby's name and correct pronoun. Fingers crossed for a healthy and cooperative baby!

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