Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thankfulness: Day 30

I can honestly say that this month has flown by quicker than any other in recent memory. With the pregnancy, plus the holidays, plus lots of other busyness, it's hard to believe that we're ringing in December already!

It's also been one of the best months in recent memory.

At yoga yesterday, when we were choosing our affirmations, mine was, "We are blessed and strong." Now, I always include some kind of reference to strength, since I'm a firm believer that positive thinking is an important component for this journey to and through labor, but the other half of the affirmation had to be recognition of how lucky I am in life right now. Saturday morning, having been lucky enough to get to say goodbye to the Suhrs as I was about to leave (which I thought might not happen since I was leaving early), started the day on such a happy note, and got me reflecting on what a wonderful holiday celebration we all had.

Everything went better than I could have imagined. It felt like we got nice, quality time with (almost) all the members of our family that were able to join us, and it was lovely that both sides of our family got to spend time together. We really have such wonderful loving families that made this holiday lovely. Even more, the fact that everyone came out to our home way out in Arizona really made us feel so loved. It was so special to host a holiday and to fill our house with family.

And the best part is that the next big holiday is in less than a month, so there'll be much more family time to come.

So, as this month comes to a close, like always, I feel very thankful for this month of thanks. While I know from experience that continuing this into a new month never quite happens for me, I do hope that I will continue to share on here how very thankful I am with everything in my life.

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