Monday, December 9, 2013

Boy or Girl? Old Wives Tales

Since we are finally finding out on Tuesday if our little one is a boy or a girl, I thought it would be fun to go through the old wives tales and see how they stack.

1. Carrying High: Girl                         Carrying Low: Boy
2. Craving Sweet: Girl                         Craving Salty: Boy
3. Heart Rate Above 150: Girl             Heart Rate Below 150: Boy
4. Chinese Gender Chart: Girl             Boy
5. Mayan Prediction: Girl                    Boy
6. Bad Morning Sickness: Girl             No Morning Sickness: Boy (not clear cut since I                                                                                  did feel sick, just didn't get sick
7. Soft Hands: Girl                               Dry Hands: Boy
8. Acne/Less Pretty: Girl                      "Glowing": Boy (I'm going to go with looking                                                                                       good - not sure if that's actually true :) )
9. Growing All Over: Girl                    Just Growing Belly: Boy (see above reasoning :) )
10. Mood Swings: Girl                         No Mood Swings: Boy 

               Girl: 3 2                                                Boy: 7 8

What do you think? Any truth to these?

I'm still leaning towards our Baby Lyon being a girl, while Ed's leaning towards boy, but neither of us have had strong inclinations either way. Can't wait to find out!!

***Edited to add: They were right! Also, baby's heart rate was 143 at our appointment, so technically, that also went towards boy. Looking above, all the real old wives tales rang true, which is pretty amazing. Only the prediction charts were wrong. It's so funny, everyone we've told today has said that they had thought it was a boy. So fun that somehow people could "tell" :). And yes, I did say girl in this post, but I'd actually started leaning towards boy in the last couple weeks but felt like both sexes should be represented. Apparently intuition is a real thing!

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