Monday, February 17, 2014

30 Weeks

("You are so big! Your baby will be huge!" - Coworkers and strangers are no longer so polite. I can only imagine what people will start saying over the next 10 weeks)

Thankfulness: I am thankful for an understanding job that has really been great dealing with this suddenly more eventful pregnancy. Long story short, I had to leave work an hour in because of contractions. Everyone has been very caring, which is so nice.

How Far Along? 30 weeks! We're 75% there.

Size of the Baby? Cucumber. He should be around 3 lbs and around 16 inches. 

Sleep? A couple nights where I only woke up twice, which was lovely! Also a couple where I woke up every hour and then permanently woke up at 5. So, very much hit and miss. 

Eating? Can we skip this? Between all the contractions and Ed being out of town, I ate horribly. So badly, I didn't even journal. Ed was very sweet and cooked lots of yummy treats while I wasn't feeling well, but they weren't always the healthiest choices (french toast...mmm). This week will be better. Hopefully. 

Exercise: As you saw if you read my last post, this was a super tough one for me. I did yoga on Saturday and what apparently was actually a 4 mile hike (I thought it was only 2 - no wonder I just about died). I spent the rest of the week recovering from the hike and trying to keep the contractions away, so did practically nothing. A few yoga moves, but even those were sometimes problematic. This is going to be a real test to rethink this category for these last 10 weeks. 

Best Moment? Hearing the baby's heartbeat is always so special, and I got to hear it twice on Wednesday! In addition, I found out I passed the glucose test and that Evan is now head down - so lots of good news. I also really enjoyed learning more about breastfeeding from the lactation consultant that came to our family circle. 

Milestones: Experiencing 5 minute apart contractions for a whole day? I keep telling myself this is helping me prepare for labor, but it sort of sucks. Reaching 30 weeks is pretty exciting though. Our midwife classes have also switched to twice a month, which is exciting. 

Mommy Update:  No longer at all confident about the contractions. Even when I feel like I've had a normal day, I still will sometimes get 10 minute apart contractions. It's definitely frustrating. I feel like I just need to sit and do nothing in order to keep them in the "safety zone" (20-45 minutes apart makes me feel like I don't need to worry). That said, all the extra sitting around has helped me appreciate and experiencing Evan's movement more. I've also really been enjoying that he's big enough that I can feel him push against my stomach from the inside as he moves around, which is really special. Other fun 3rd trimester symptoms have begun, like heartburn and stretchmarks, but no swelling, which I'm very thankful for. 

Baby Update:  Evan is really noticing light and dark more, and is starting to get a more defined schedule. I've noticed that he tends to move around a good amount around 5am (when I'm up then, I feel like he's keeping me company). His skin is getting smoother, his brain is getting more wrinkled, and he's strong enough to grasp a finger! Keep growing, little boy :)


  1. Check out your exercise section: It probably feels like you have 10 months left, but it's only 10 weeks :-)

    1. haha...thanks! Gosh - couldn't imagine if I had 10 months! Now fixed :)