Friday, February 21, 2014

31 Weeks

("You just look so cute! Pregnancy looks good on you" - a very sweet comment from a coworker today. Why can't more people have comments like that? It's the perfect thing to say to a very pregnant woman)

Thankfulness: I am thankful that I made the excellent decision to go to bed last night at 7:30! I feel so much better than normal today, had time to do some yoga in the morning, and am looking forward to a great Friday. 

How Far Along? 31 Weeks. In the single digit countdown - 9 weeks left!

Size of the Baby? Pineapple. He should be around 3 1/2 lbs and around 16-17 inches. 

Sleep? I'm now waking up so much I can no longer keep track of how many times it happens. Usually it's every 1-2 hours now. On the plus side, I think getting up so much helps with the intense hip pain I get when I sleep. I'm also sure this is great practice for things to come :). 

Eating? While there was definitely plenty of room for improvement, I have been doing much better this week. Fruits and vegetables are once again making regular rotations, and dinners have been protein heavy and yummy. We had a super delicious Valentine's Dinner (on Monday - life has been busy) that was fantastic, and had some wonderful meals out while we were in Tucson. 

Filet Mignon with gorgonzola butter, smashed potatoes, and arugula salad. Yum!

Exercise: I've definitely transitioned myself to yoga and easy walks making up my workouts. I'm pretty okay with that, especially now that some hip and pelvic pain has made too much walking pretty challenging. Yoga has been lovely though, and I've been trying to do at least a little every morning. 

Best Moment? Spending time with family in Tucson. 

We had the great fortune that both Tom and Irma and my parents were spending a weekend in Tucson, so we were able to meet up with them. We spent most of the day with my parents, going to Sabino Canyon and taking in resort living at the place they were staying. We had lunch with Tom and Irma, too! Crazy that the next time we see everyone, we will hopefully have a baby :). 

Other amazing moments were receiving two very special gifts!

Ed brought back this amazing diaper bag made my my Aunt Mo. It's so special and I can't wait to use it. 

Yesterday in the mail, we got another super exciting package from my wonderful friend, Christine. How cute are these outfits!?! Especially the CAL onsie, which I'm sure was a bit hard to buy, Christine being a Stanford alum and all :). After we opened these, Ed commented that we may not be able to allow Evan to grow up, since little baby clothes are just so amazingly cute. 

Milestones: I'm pretty thrilled that I haven't had any contraction scares since Sunday (coming home from Tucson they were fairly intense, but thankfully calmed down after stopping for some gatorade and getting some rest). But, nothing crazy during the work week! Also, my principal officially announced that I'll be taking a year off to the leadership team, which makes it more real. I've been making good progress on getting all of my paperwork completed and am making headway on getting a long-term sub, though the pickings are slim, which is concerning. 

Mommy Update:  I've been very focused on taking it easy and listening to my body, which definitely seems like the right call. After work, my main focus is resting. Poor Ed has had to pick up some of the slack, but has been fantastic. It's still such a balancing act to figure out what I can safely do without overdoing it. 

Baby Update:  All of Evan's 5 senses are now fully functioning! He's continuing to put on about 1/2 a pound a week. 

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