Saturday, June 7, 2014

Aunt Kortney Visits!

A bit belatedly, here are the rest of the pictures from our wonderful almost week of Auntie visits. 

Ed watched Evan so that we could have a fun sister's happy hour on the day both Ashley and Kortney were in town.

And of course, lots of love was given to the man of the hour.

Evan has become a slightly bigger fan of his pacifier - especially the little friend attached to it. 

And there was lots of enjoyment of a sleepy baby.

We even got to eat outside, for what is likely to be the last time until the fall. 

After Ashley left, Kortney got some quality one on one time with Evan.

We had lots of fun with his cute clothes.

This very happy baby loves his Aunties very much!

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  1. Love seeing my 3 girls with Evan! He's a lucky boy!