Monday, June 9, 2014

Growing Too Fast...

Do babies all grow this quickly? I think we've been in a bit of denial (or at least I have) about this little boy's growth. I've had some 0-3 outfits in the closet that I was sure were way too big for him, and they are actually pretty snug.

Our little baseball player. 

Then, on a whim I put him in a 3-6 month outfit only to find that it fit really well! So, I tried him in my favorite little 3-6 month shirts and found that they are somehow already tight along the shoulders. And, his 6 month shorts are super snug (though the diapers have a bit to do with this!)

The icing on the cake, though, was when we tried to swaddle him the other night to discover that it was impossible to fasten the sides any more - he was just too big. Until our new ones arrive in the mail, we're doing some one arm swaddling. 

It does make sense that he's growing out of all of these clothes. When I weighed him at the last breastfeeding group on Friday, he clocked in at around 14 lbs. That means that the past month, he's been gaining a pound a week, and is already up 5 lbs from his lowest weight.

(Un)surprisingly, I am definitely one of those moms that tears up at the thought of her little boy growing up. It's started to hit me that someday he won't be small enough to sleep curled up on my chest, with his little legs tucked under him. I just hope that day isn't anytime soon.


  1. I'm glad you updated us on his sizes, I was about to order some things and then hesitated - now I'm glad I did :-)