Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Lovely Visitor

More catch-up! Right after my birthday, my friend Christine came to visit as part of our lovely celebration. 

It was so exciting to introduce her Evan. 

And he was pretty excited by his new friend :). 

He loved having company in the back of the care while we drove around. 

And, this swim class remains the only one that Evan has loved. 

I'm pretty sure he was just trying to show off :).

It's so fun to have these great pictures! This is right after Evan practiced what to do if he falls off of the step into the pool.

You can see how red his little face is, but no tears!

Getting ready to go under again....

He makes the funniest faces after going under water.

And floating again!

Practicing our kicking....

This was a more advanced class than we usually take, so Evan got to practice "crawling" out of the pool. 

Our last big activity was using our "muscles" to help practice floating.

That night, Evan got the lovely treat of a very special bedtime story.

It was so, so nice having her come to visit! 

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