Friday, October 24, 2014

Six Months

Weight - 20 lbs 11oz  (+ 11 lbs l oz from his lowest).  - Funny enough, he must have gained the exact weight of his diaper, clothes, and helmet in the last month, since this was the weight he rang up at at 5 months when he went in for his cold. Probably about a pound of growth in the last month, and 2 in the last two months. 90th %ile.

Height - 28.5 in. Last month was 26 (+ 6 in from lowest;) 95th %ile <---jumped up 5 %iles this month!

Head circumference - Same as last month - 17.25 in (+ 2.75 in from birth 60th %ile). Probably stayed the same due to change in head shape. 

Still wearing 12 month clothes, finally have packed away all the 9 month outfits, as they are just too short now.


Every month, Evan seems to get more fun. He is getting so much more interactive, and is really starting to understand what's going on around him. One of his favorite games is patty cake, and he'll hold his arms straight out in front of him so that you can clap them when you start singing. He definitely knows his mommy and daddy, and gives us wonderful smiles when he sees us. When he's very excited, he flaps his arms at his sides like a little bird and cooes. Blowing raspberries is another favorite, and he blows them when he's happy and when he's sad. It's made his crying much cuter, as he'll take breaks between wailing to blow raspberries ("WAHHHHH...*phhhhhh*....WAHHHH - and repeat :) ).

We've been going to Gymboree classes this past month, which Evan really enjoys. He especially likes laying on an inflatable tube for tummy time, being pulled through a rainbow tunnel, going on the ramp and staring up at the rainbow parachute as it floats overhead.

Plus, it's fun to have his friends there with him! Not sure it we'll continue after this month, since the price jumps substantially, but it's very fun for now.

The past couple of weeks, Evan has been very into getting up onto his knees and rocking back and forth. He hasn't really figured out how to move forward, but he will raise up his little bottom and push on his toes and can make a little forward progress.


 Our one happy class - thanks Christine!

As much as I hate to say it, swimming has yet to get better. We had one magical week when Christine was visiting, where Evan had a fantastic time at swim, but otherwise it's been a bit of a struggle. Poor cranky baby just isn't a fan of being in the water, unless he's held close and bounced up and down. He tolerates going under water and occasionally tolerates floating, but generally just wants to be done. Funnily enough, he loves the shower at the end of class, so at least we have that. Just one month left of lessons, and I'm looking forward to being finished for a while.

Our silly sometimes tummy sleeper

Sleep has also been a bit of a mess this month. He's started rolling a lot more, but sometimes gets stuck on his tummy and can't relax his arms, which makes for a very unhappy baby. On good nights, he's up twice a night. Bad nights like a couple nights ago he was up every 45 minutes. On the plus side, naps in general have gotten longer because baby boy is so tired, and he goes down for bed without so much as a peep, but we've got to figure out our nights. Mama and Daddy are tired.

Important Events:

This was a big month for visitors! It started with Christine coming to visit for my birthday, which was a blast. Evan had such a good time and can't wait to see her again :). 

Ed's Mom Sabine came for just under a week towards the beginning of the month, which was fantastic. It had been a few months since she'd seen him, and was impressed by how much he'd grown. And, a few days after she left, my parents arrived for the weekend for another wonderful visit! They, too, were duly impressed :).

Evan went to the zoo three times in the past month, thanks to our membership, where we discovered that he's not a huge fan of the stroller, but had a newfound love for the ergo, thank goodness.

We also went down to Tucson to celebrate Uncle Tom's birthday. 

In a related note, Evan also had his first experience in a corvette (and we got our first lesson to be wary when leaving Evan alone with Uncle Tom :) )

 And, finally (whew..a lot this month!), Evan got his first taste of food. We let him lick an apple slice, and he was in love!

Every time we tried to take it away, he cried. We predict he'll be very into food once we get going on it. Expect more on this next month :)


Our biggest success is that Evan has made fantastic progress with his physical therapy. His muscles are much more relaxed now, and he's no longer favoring reaching with his right hand. He just moves around so much better. He now only needs to go to therapy once a month, which is huge. We also only have 3 weeks left in this helmet until he outgrows it. He still may need another one, but there's also a chance we'll be done!

Another success is that he is finally growing in his head of hair. We loved his bald head, but we so love his little peach fuzz.

Evan also went on a full hike without complaint! While my parents were here, we hiked for an hour and a half. It was lovely. 

Mommy Successes:

My biggest success this month (well really, the last two months) has been making a shift to healthier living. I've been fairly committed to our paleo eating, have started running again via the Couch to 5k program, and attending Stroller Strides - a workout group with little ones in tow. Thanks to all that effort, I've been able to lose 16 pounds and am now just a few away from my pre-pregnancy weight (yes, I gained a lot more than that during pregnancy, but mostly due to swelling - a huge amount of weight fell off the first 2 weeks, and since that required no effort, I'm not really counting that with my weight loss). It's so lovely to fit into my clothes again, and to feel a bit more like the old me. I am also even more in love with paleo eating - what's not to love about eating as much as you want whenever you want and still losing weight? My new favorite obsession are zoodles - noodles made from zucchini. They are the most amazing thing ever, thanks to my new kitchen noodle maker appliance, and I'm wanting to eat "pasta" all the time now. Fitness wise, I'm up to running 2 miles straight, and have my sights set on some 5ks this next month!

Daddy Successes:

Ed's success this month was letting go a little bit when we did our hiking. He is usually the one that carries Evan (I'm not the most sure footed on the trails), but he let me carry him so that he could fit in a trail run. We drove separately, so he could get in some miles in advance, but then ran into us twice on the trail for some brief hiking. It was really nice for him to balance him time with family time!

Best Moments:

Visiting with loved ones definitely topped the list this month, but I also think just having all the sweet cuddles. Evan really holds on now when you hold him, and I am just so thankful for every moment he's in my arms. And, just seeing how much he's growing and learning every day. I am amazed by him constantly, even though I know that it's normal baby stuff. But, that's the way it's supposed to be :)

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