Monday, October 6, 2014

California Adventures: Tidepool Morning, Beach Lunch, and UCSC Afternoon

On the last morning, before my parents left, we all took one last walk together down on the beach to explore the tidepools.

It was a beautiful, overcast morning. 

Evan got a nice nap while we took in the gentle surf.

Such a sweet little boy.

After the walk, my parents took off, and Evan and I stopped for a quick lunch on the beach. 

It was a gorgeous afternoon, and reminded me why I love the California coast so much.

Evan was lulled to sleep by the crashing waves.

On the walk back, we couldn't help but appreciate our picturesque rental.

After our little adventure, we headed up to UCSC to visit with Jerome, Ed's faculty advisor from grad school and the man who officiated over our wedding. 

After our visit, we headed over to the graduate housing, where Ed and I first met. 

I'd forgotten how beautiful it was. My room was that top window,  and Ed's was the floor below.

It was so surreal to be back here with our little boy.

I couldn't tell you how many times I went up and down these stairs between our apartments. And that first time I went down those stairs, after Ed and I had talked so long on our phones that my battery died, and I realized I could just go and see him to finish our conversation in person. 

And this doorway, where I met Ed for the very first time. Where we chatted about running and I gave him my phone number, and floated back up to my floor. 

This is where our family began. 

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