Saturday, April 4, 2015

The "Before We Move" List

Updated! We're making progress....

Before Evan was born, Ed and I made a list on here of everything we had to get done before the big day, and I was realizing that it would be super helpful to do the same thing as we gear up for our move. It's amazing how quickly it's approaching!

Activities (Places to Go)

From my last visit to the Grand Canyon, back in 2008! 
Still Left:
  • Grand Canyon
  • Heard Museum
  • Williams (?)
  • Taliesin West
  • Sedona
  • Big League Dreams (replica famous baseball fields) (off the list - Ed realized he wasn't as excited as he thought!)
  • Superstition Mountains
  • Desert Botanical Gardens
  • Relatives in New Mexico  off the list - they came to us instead!
  • Tucson - off the list - not a priority
  • Camelback Mtn. - Ed had a great run there
  • Evan's picture, and lunch, at ASU


Still Left:
  • Olive and Ivy
  • Farm House
  • Rock Springs Cafe (pies)
  • Blue Adobe
  • Postinos
  • Gertrudes
  • Farm at South Mountain
  • Pizza Biancos skipping - not enough time
  • Oreganos 


Redwood National Park
Still Left:
  • Moving Company
  • Storage Facility and logistics
  • Germany Trip
  • Realtor
  • Camry Car Value
  • Santa Cruz lodging
  • summer plans
  • Alabama visit - delayed :(
  • Chicago visit
  • Grand Canyon visit
  • cleaners
  • Townhouse square footage and layout
  • Redwood Natl. park lodging and visit
  • 5th Anniversary ideas - Ed says not to worry, he's got it covered :)


Charming Cottage Very Near Beach

Still Left:
  • Nothing!

  • Chicago lodging
  • Redwood lodging
  • Santa Cruz lodging

Still Left:
  • Make 3 lists of stuff: summer, storage, townhouse
  • Craigslist items
  • Pack
  • Home inspection repairs
  • list of stuff to sell
  • clean out closets
  • donate clothes
  • minor repairs
  • clean grout
  • landscaping (hire)
  • refill gravel
  • share news
  • recycle electronics
  • put house on market
  • sell house
From my website:

Still Left:
  • Nothing!
  • Finalize Resume (Ad)
  • Update Edjoin (Ad)
  • Finalize Websites (Ad)
  • Share website with SSU (Ed)
  • Apply for jobs (Ad)
  • Attend jobfair  Not needed!
  • Sonoma lodging for jobfair Not needed!

(picture of what Evan could be doing in daycare next year!)

Still Left:
  • Contact friends/relatives re: summer visits
  • Confirm daycare enrollment for Evan
  • Celebrate Evan's Birthday!
  • make blurb books (Year 4, Running, College) -delayed for summer project
  • Buy new camry hubcaps
  • Cancel Stroller Strides (when house sells)

Whew! It's a full list, but it'll be completed before we know it :)

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  1. Hi - I don't post/comment on BlogSpot at all, really, but I am a fellow Arizonan. I live in Flagstaff. I do highly recommend spending a few hours in Jerome before you leave. It is about 30 minutes south of Sedona up on a hillside. It is an old mining town that has a high capacity of artists. For lunch I'd recommend eating at Haunted Hamburger, and good drinks can be found at Grapes. Unfortunately it's difficult to find parking I the middle of the day.... but it's so fun to walk around the quirky shops and galleries! You can even tour the mining facilities 1/2 mile out of town. I was just there this past weekend and try to take out of state visitors there if at all possible. It's a great day-trip!! :)